Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

July 18, 2021

James Gardens July 2021

I took a little stroll through James Gardens earlier this morning.  It's about a 2 minute drive from home.  I used to go there a lot many years ago, even before I was really into birds and nature like I am now.  It's a pretty place in the summer and back in the day it was quiet place to sit and hand feed chickadees and chipmunks.

Over the years the place has become more and more popular.  There are times where if you aren't there early in the day, you can forget about finding a parking spot.

Don't ask me why I chose to go this morning, but I did.  Perhaps just a change of scenery yet still be close to home.  And it was early in the day when I went.

Upon arrival I was greeted by an elderly man sitting on a bench with an eastern cottontail rabbit mere feet in front of him.  Both humans and wildlife enjoying the park.

I re-familiarized myself with the grounds as I strolled the paths.  So many plants and flowers...  hostas, joe pieweed, bee balm, sun flowers, cone flowers, lilies, lavender, and so on.

I searched a certain flower that I know hummingbirds like and I was successful.  I found the flowers here (name unknown at moment)...

And here is one of two hummingbirds that stopped in.

I saw at least 8 monarch butterflies.

I saw a few silver spotted skippers.

I saw an ebony jewel wing along with a few other dragonflies.

There was lots of bees of various species as well as some other moths and small butterflies.

A few chipmunks ran around and I felt bad for not having anything to offer him.

It was a nice hour spent in the gardens.  I managed to avoid most other human visitors except when a couple young girls came around and started plucking the asters.  I made eye contact with their father many steps behind and just said "seriously?"  The man came over and softly told the girls to not pick the flowers so others could enjoy them too.  I passed a couple beer cases and empty Tim Horton's cups at another spot and just shook my head.  I should bring gloves and a bag with me on these walks.

I plan on having a few more visits to these gardens with the remaining weeks of summer.  Stay tuned for another blog about my walk.


Tammie said...

Sounds like an awesome place at the right time of day. Good job on handling the flower pickers. :)

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