Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

July 26, 2018


It's been a hellish couple weeks at work, nothing I'd ever get into here. but when the work week is over, I am so ready for the weekend. Last Friday was no different. I was so happy to see the end of the week, knowing I'd have a couple days of downtime with Angie and our zoo. I wasn't even bothered by the slow drive home due to the never ending construction in our city.

I'm minutes from home when I spot an animal on the road. It's moving slowly. I already know what is going on here. It's a Raccoon and it has been hit by a car. F**K!

I quickly pull the truck over to a safe spot, got the 4 ways on. I reach behind the seat to where I have a box of vinyl gloves (if you follow my nest blog, you know why I have gloves in the truck). Then I'm off and running. It's 10:30 pm and I have to be cautious of the traffic on this dark winding road.

It's heart breaking to see any animal in pain and suffering. I have chills as I key this now because it's a haunting thing that doesn't leave my memory. And it's not the first wounded animal I have picked up off this stretch of road.

There's no oozing blood or anything from his insides showing but I am sure the injuries are severe judging by his movement. I can't leave him on the road, waiting to be hit again. Gently picking him up and bringing him home with me seemed the only thing to do. A friend once said to me "where there is life, there is hope". I always hold out hope for any injured wildlife I've helped.

Sadly the Raccoon died before I got into my driveway.

I like to think I did the right thing no matter what.

I love all our wildlife but Raccoons have always been one I've admired for as long as I can remember.

It's been really nice to see some of our local happy and healthy lately, more so than usual. I wish they never decide to cross that main road. The first two are a big pair I see every now and then, always together.

Then there's this smaller guy who I see following Topper around. It's funny how Topper seems to tolerate this stalker and not spray him.

We cannot forget about our new "old" visitor Bear.

I know Raccoons are an either you love them or you hate them kind of animal. I'm happy to know so many who love them, admiring their clever behaviour. I get a kick out of the funny Raccoon memes I see pop up like this one recently...

I shared about this experience on social media. The comments were comforting in this painful moment. It was nice to see so many being pro-procyon. I joke that we should be kind to them because they could take over the world one day, what with how clever they are. I made this up one day the other Summer after nearly running over 3 people who walked into traffic while playing that silly Pokemon-GO game on their phones. They were so hypnotized, hunting for the pokemons, that they walked into a major intersection on a red light. I was going to write a story about this all being started up by aliens who planned on taking over the world. But them, and their little green heads, looking much like grapes, is a food that Raccoons love. You can figure out how this story was going to go. Excuse my imagination. The game is so 2016 now and most don't remember it, like it never happened. It is like they were temporarily brainwashed.

Toronto is the Raccoon Nation. I'm happy to have them as our neighbours.


Tammie Hache said...

Sad about the wee one that got hit. :( I have to say tho': that photo of Bear makes me think of a child's much-loved stuffed animal. That's what he reminds me of in that shot! :)

stacey markle said...

Always a good read, life for these creatures is never easy but I'm glad he didn't die alone. You're truly the animal whisperer. Oh and hi my bear! Lol

stacey markle said...


Rob said...

I agree on the Bear bit. I had a Teddy I dragged around with me a lot as a kid. I was so sad when he disappeared during a move.

Nancy McNamara said...

Thanks for this pro-raccoon piece, Rob, despite the demise of the little one. They have become part of the urban landscape now, in so many cities and towns, so they deserve our understanding in what is often a very dangerous environment for them. The little ones born into the urban life in particular know no other place to grow up in and they deserve the chance to survive.

Debbie Gallo said...

I'm happy they're our neighbours, too. Great post, Rob, about an underappreciated animal. I'm sorry about the little one that got hit by the car. You did the right thing by trying to help him. I'm glad he didn't suffer long, at least.