Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

December 16, 2012

If Ya Can't Beat Them, Feed Them!

Not everyone who feeds the birds likes the Squirrels.  What can ya do about it?  Don't take the title of this blog in the wrong sense, as in "beating" is not a physical act at all...  just they aren't going anywhere.  The backyard is their home, ours is inside.  So instead of going crazy trying to keep them out of your feeders; might as well enjoy their antics and set things up out back for them to eat and play with, and be entertained in the process.

We purchased a bungee corn cob feeder from our local Wild Birds Unlimited store and it's been a blast!  I'm sure one could easily be made at home but if you are like me, not so MacGyver-like, this is the next best thing.  If memory serves me correct, the feeder is under $10 and corn cobs are $0.40 each.  We give them one a day, sometimes 2 on the weekends, and enjoy the show.  Sure some still attempt the other feeders, but most do get preoccupied with this one.

My favorite shot out of any I've ever taken. 

I haven't seen a pole act like this since my days of hanging out in the Manhattan Strip back in the early 90's!  Haha! 

The race is on as to who will get there first.

The feeder bounces up and down, swings back and forth, and they hang on.  Hilarious!

Some really seem to enjoy the corn more than others as you can see.

I believe they are all grateful for the offerings as winter nears.

Thanks for viewing!  Comments are appreciated but not expected.  :)


December 2, 2012

Tis The Season to be Owly!

Sorry for my absence here, just been busy with this and that, and not really in the mood for a blog. I guess with Angie and I suddenly planning on getting married a couple weeks ago and having probably the smallest shortest ceremony in Toronto's history this past Friday November 30th had a lot to do with it. We sure surprised the heck out of a lot of our friends! Did I just surprise you?

Been birding at home a fair amount since "Project Feeder Watch" started for me a couple weeks ago. Yesterday we had approximately 91 European Starlings here. It was freakin' insane! All I needed was one Hawk to make an appearance to clear out that mob of piggish birds; but one did not come. And today during my count, not a single Starling was to be seen. What's up with that?

A pair of Red-breasted Nuthatch's visit daily, small flock of Goldfinch and occasionally one lone Pine Siskin joins their numbers. Blue Jays, Cardinals, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers add to the counts as well. Juncos are sporadic as is a Mourning Dove. Pigeons and House Sparrows arrive in double digits these days and once again I sometimes wish for a predator to disperse the crowds.

But home isn't always enough and I still venture out about about the GTA once a week. The highlights away from home have been the Owls. This is their season. I am enjoying the sightings and doing my best to not stress over them.  Anyone who has followed my blog knows I worry about these creatures and the interference caused by selfish photographers.

 Sightings so far have included Barred Owl.

Northern Saw-whet.

Eastern Screech.

I anticipate more sightings in the coming months. And am really looking forward to some Long-eared Owls hopefully soon. That is probably my favorite species of Owl to visit the GTA in the winter months. The fact they colonize is pretty cool to me. And that they are incredibly difficult to spot most times makes it a fun challenge to hopefully see one on a walk. I was blessed last winter with one LEO being seen usually once a month from December to March. He earned the nickname "Blinky" due to my YouTube video of him.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and apologies in advance to those who enjoy my blog may not see too many more entries from me in the coming weeks.  Tis the season to be social.  But also "tis the season to be Owly!"