Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

May 2, 2014

What The Fuh?

Fuh!  What's that?  Well, it's the all ages word I just made up in replacement of the word I used today amongst friends, which I am sure I don't need to spell out.

I woke up shortly after 7am on Friday.  A few of my Pigeon buds were in the garden already and they sure have great eye sight, picking up on movement through the kitchen window, even with the shutters only partially opened.  So out I go to feed a couple early morning visitors while I wait for the kettle to boil. 

Looking at this photo below, can you see what I took notice to in the background?  It sure looks like Red sees it as well.
Ya, that's it, right there, on the picnic table...  a bit of a mess of what once was a Squirrel.  And my immediate thought was WTF?!?!?!  Remember, this is maybe 7:30am now.  When I was outside around 11pm the night before, filling feeders and changing baths; that was not there.

So somewhere in the wee early morning hours, probably at first light since the sun had only risen an hour and a bit earlier, this Squirrel got up from his tree house to start a new day, not knowing it would be his last.

Of course I feel a little bad for one of my buds.  But I am really wondering what got to him and devoured him right there on the table?  I'm throwing my guess at a Red-tailed Hawk since one had taken a couple Squirrels out this past winter.  Some others are throwing Owl as another suggestion.  OMG!  I'd drop dead of a heart attack if I saw a Great Horned Owl sitting on our picnic table having a meal.  Serious wow effect there.  But who knows?  I will keep a better ear and eye open out there, not that there's much room for improvement with me and tuning in to the backyard activity. 

Angie is feeling a little bad about this since she was up before dawn and this was going on as she enjoyed her first coffee, on the other side of the wall from where she sat.  But she's really curious too.  How can one not be?

First glances I thought there was more to this Squirrel on the table, but when discarding the remains, I could see it was much like the others...  tail, one leg/foot, a couple bony bloody pieces but this had a long stretch of back skin and fur attached as well.    All I know is the picnic table is in need of a serious power washing on the first real pleasant day.
So readers of this blog, what do you think?  What is your thoughts on what did this?

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