Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

May 20, 2014

Didn't Thunk I'd See A Skunk This Morning

Being on vacation, time is a little messed up for me.  Routines have gone out the window!  So today I found myself crawling out of bed shortly after 6am.  Kettle on by 6:30am (yes I do instant coffee) and looking out to the backyard in the meantime.  Alls quiet.

7am comes and suddenly I spot this guy.

We decide to watch him from the kitchen window for a bit.  So I'm taking photos through the kitchen window screen.

We recognize this one easily with the large white stripes on him. It's the same one from last summer. He's surfaced a couple times this winter but never in morning light.

I'm not sure what his deal was. Really hungry? Why else would he be up well past dawn?

I thought he was going to take refuge in this hollow log I "borrowed" down near the Humber River a few weeks back. It's open on both ends but I've placed a lot of branch bits and tangle on one end, and cedar branches on the other. He did go in but came right back out.

And he kept on his mission of ???

It wasn't long after this next photo that he disappeared. Angie was worrying about him being out at this time of day, people out and about, kids going to school, adults to work, more traffic on the roads, etc.

Not long after he left. A female Ruby-throated Hummingbird showed up at our feeder. I went outside to get a better view of the bird and hope for some photos. BUT, next thing I see, is the Skunk is back and he's coming closer to me! I kinda forgot about the little bird and focused on the Skunk.

It was difficult to get photos of him. The sun/cloud mix for one, and his constant movement being another reason. But I stood very still and just watched him, almost tempting fate as he got really close to me a few times, while he sniffed and grazed about the ground. One sudden move, startling him, and I could get sprayed. I'm still a believer in them not spraying until absolutely necessary, rather taking the chance to run away first, but I'm not pushing my luck here. Just be quiet and respectful. And once again, all was okay.

I'm not sure how many people are into Skunks, and would enjoy watching them with some daylight compared to a flash light at night. If you have an opinion on this, comment below or via the social media pages I share this.

For some reason I think this is the male. We've seen another Skunk periodically, along with a little baby one last summer. Why do I think this is a male? No idea. I just get that vibe. Some are thinking maybe a female after this morning, like she's out trying to load up on more food, as she's got a litter somewhere in the neighbourhood. I recall some years ago Angie and I were shining flashlights in the garden late one night and caught a glimpse of an adult Skunk with at least 4 babies babies behind it. All staring up at us on the deck with our lights.

The next few are some of my fave pics I got of him. He's not one for posing. So whenever I got some clear face shots, I'm happy. I forsee one of his photos making print later in the year. Some may figure out what I mean there.

Another close walk by here.

He got in the neighbour's garden along the fence line and spent a lengthy amount of time digging here.

Amazed with how much dirt digging he does, that those stripes stay so white and clean!

It was well after 8 in the morning when he finally ventured off for the last time.

I made 2 coffees since this all began and finished neither of them. I went back inside, grinning at the cool nature moment I just had, and went for the third cup. I made a toast to him with this one, thanking him for the moment, which was the longest I ever spent in the company with a Skunk. And still have not been sprayed as many of my friends are betting I'm in for one day. LOL!

If you'd like to learn more about these creatures, check out these links. Wikipedia. National Geographic.

Please don't view them as pests but more like interesting neighbours. Cheers!


Karen said...

When we lived in a rural area near N.Bay, we had a skunk who would come visiting every evening after I threw all the goodies into the compost bucket. He got surprisingly friendly. On nice evenings when we were sitting out he would come check us out, not really moving in for a visit, but he'd hang around almost like he was eavesdropping. They're really interesting little critters.

Rob said...

Thanks for sharing that bit Karen. It's nice to see others enjoying the wildlife, especially these interesting little critters as you put it.

I know far too many who lose their cool when they see Skunks, Raccoons and Opossums.

Ours was out and about again this morning.