Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

May 5, 2014

Creeping Death

We've got 2 weeks of vacation coming up soon and I want to key out a couple bits beforehand (if I can).  So, today just wanted to share a little moment I had with a Great Egret in a park area near the house on Friday.

It was a dark and dreary week, leaving me little motivation for much of anything.  But I finally said "I must go outside!"  And not just in the backyard.  It's early May, the birds are coming through slowly, and I'm sure something is out there to see.  And I was right!

First sighting of him flying around.  I jumped out of the truck and caught this shot real quick.

He landed and started his stroll of the pond.  He looks like he's not up to much but the Red-wings certainly know better and come out to keep him moving.  While no nests are on the go just yet; these birds will eat bird eggs, baby birds, etc if they find them throughout the Spring.

The Egret continues his walk through the pond.  And stops on a log to scan the area.

Funny how the side profile makes it appear that there is much more to them than the front view.

After a minute or two, he continues on through the pond.  He looks so majestic with those long flowing back end feathers.  And he moves with such grace through the waters.

And in an instant, he is on something.  I figure he may have stirred something up from the bottom of the pond as he walked through.

Score!  It's a Frog!

I did feel bad for the amphibian because the next couple minutes sure weren't pleasant and I do hope his death was quick.  And the gracefulness of the Egret quickly disappears as he works on his meal.

The Egret was piercing the Frog, slammed it on a log a few times, dunk it in the water over and over again, and numerous times made attempts to swallow it.

The picture taking guy inside me really wanted to move in closer for some detailed head shots but the respect for the wildlife guy always wins, and I watched from where I stood, cropping pics later on. 

I think the pics are great as they are, with the overcast skies it seemed to bring out the colors of the landscape nicely.  And the white on this bird...  WOW!  Ya, I'm tooting my own horn on getting some photos I am quite happy with.

I wasn't in the park more than 20 minutes from first sight of this bird until I drove off home, totally hyped from what I just witnessed.  It had just started to rain again anyway and work was beckoning soon.  I guess someone/thing rewarded me for getting out of the house, eh?

I guess the title may not be most appropriate to some, but really watching this bird hunt, it was like creeping death.  And hey, I love that Metallica song!  Crank it here!

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