Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

April 11, 2014

Where'd They All Go?

Oh boy, aren't you all so lucky to see another blog about my Pigeon friends!

Things are a little strange lately and I'm unsure why. The regular visits, hand feeding multiple birds, has almost come to a stop. I say "almost" because there are still very random sporadic visits the last few weeks, never really knowing who is going to show and when.

Pierre last visited me on April 5th. He did have some 3 day stints coming to the back door in March which was nice, then off and away for a week or so.

Red was here on or about the 3rd or 4th.

A peaceful Saturday morning not too long with Red and one of the others.

Walter and Skye on March 29th.

And of course there's the new one, Mickey. It's the name I've given him/her after much thought and many suggestions. I do have a hard time differentiating Mickey from Jesse and even Skye is she's around without Walter. So hard to tell at times until they come right to me. Mickey and Jesse sit a certain way on my hand. Jesse prefers the finger tips and digs his little claws right in. Mickey lowers his body over the grub to hide it from anyone of his flock watching. And of course as you can see in the photo, Mickey is a bit of a mess on his underside, those feathers are ruffled.

But anyways, visits are less and less now. Is it because of nesting season? I've seen some Pigeons come in and take small twigs from the lawn. There are a few birds visiting but suddenly not my hand feeders like before. Maybe they are cheating on me and have another house they visit for some grub? As Spring is really feeling like Spring now, it seems the Hawk activity has died off. Nesting time keeping them closer to home, no snow and ice on the grounds, small mammals running about and to pick off. But are the Pigeon crew still uncertain about regular visits? Who knows?

I can't help that some negative thoughts come to mind. Dark shit I'd rather not spew here at this time. But knowing there are demons in the area with no appreciation for any wildlife, my thoughts do wander to them coming across such an individual. I assume they live in the high rises down the road from us and residents sure don't like Pigeons on their balconies and have done some very drastic things to remove them. Enough said or else I may start keying out examples and personal re-tellings of such things.

Anyways, the weekend is almost upon us. I plan to spend a lot of time out back cleaning up and keeping an eye out for my gang. Wish me luck, wish them good health and let's hope for some reunions very soon. I'll keep yas posted!

Cheers and have a great weekend!

My fave pic of Pierre and a friend on Valentine's Day.

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