Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

April 28, 2014

Long Way From Home

Hooboy!  Just when you and I thought I'd be taking a break from the Pigeon tales, here comes another one...

Late Saturday afternoon I took notice to a Pigeon out back who was banded.  I couldn't miss the bright red band around his leg.

And of course, as you can see, I got my camera pretty darn quick and went to work on this bird and his band.  Who wouldn't want to get the numbers on any banded bird and learn about it?

Lucky for me the band on a Pigeon is much larger than one on a Goldfinch (remember my adventure last Autumn out back?).  The black numbers over a thick red band made it quite easy to read.  So exactly 119 photos later, I had pieced it all together...  5 ID numbers, some other code, and even a website!

I got a 28 right away, and could make out the .ca

A few more photos and I got 8532

I made out the website.

And then this little bit being CU over 2013

The bird constantly moved as he grazed about the lawn and gardens hence the 100+ photos I took of him.  And some of my regulars weren't too accepting of this new bird around, giving him a bit of grief if he got too close.  But this was all fun to watch, try and get those numbers; and I commend him on such a good job of cleaning up about the backyard!  Best full number pic...  28532

I then came back inside and started my research, which took little time thanks to the website.  The site is the Canadian Racing Pigeons Union.  Who knew?  And keying in his number, I learn this bird is from St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu in Quebec.  It's owner is also listed (and address, phone number).  I sent an email to the website, reporting this bird on Saturday afternoon.  As of this morning (Monday) I've yet to hear anything back.  I suppose I could call the guy and tell him about his bird being here but I am waiting for a reply from the CRPU first.  Maybe the guy doesn't speak English and that would certainly be awkward?  Ah well, I'll see what happens in the coming days.

At dusk, the bird flew off on it's own, heading north/west.  And I wondered if I would see it again.  Ya, why wouldn't it, eh?

Sure enough, the bird returned Sunday and spent much of the day here feeding and drinking, a little bathing.  I noticed near dark he/she was still here along with one of my regulars.  And in an instant, they both flew off together heading south/west where they all go.  It got me wondering.

This morning, the birds started coming again, either in singles or pairs, starting around 7am.  Red was first to be seen, then a few others, Pierre about 8:30am.  And then this new bird close to 9am.  I can get within 3 or 4 feet of this bird before he starts to back off.  He pays little attention to me unless I invade his personal space.  And he's not caught on to what goes on at the back door.  But he probably won't care, as he snubs peanut bits.  He seems to prefer the cracked corn, something my hand feeders turn their nose at now, preferring the high protein peanut bits.

The new guy with his friend from last night.  They are hanging out together again today.

It's all made for a good story.  Thanks to Mapquest, I see the bird has traveled approximately 575 kms from his home to our backyard.  Interesting of all the places to stop in, as many others feed the birds across Toronto and beyond, yet he's chosen here (and is staying).  And add how Pierre (French name) started this, and 21 months later a Quebec bird flies in.

I named him Frenchy.  But toyed with creating something like "The Separatist" as all my friends have made similar comments about him separating from Quebec.  Angie frowned on the name so I guess Frenchy is sticking.

To be continued?

I guess this may have been better for some if it was about a Band-tailed Pigeon instead of a banded Pigeon.  Sorry.  LoL!

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