Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

November 21, 2013

See Ya Sideways Sam!

It is with sadness that I pass on the news of Sideways Sam and his outcome.

Toronto Wildlife Centre deemed his condition to be very rough and untreatable.  I called them Tuesday for an update and heard back from them on Wednesday.  They gave me a list of things wrong with the little guy and most severe was head trauma, which was in part cause for the condition in his eye, and he had a broken wrist some time ago that had set improperly.  I kinda forget the rest as big words were used and really it didn't matter because Sam wasn't coming home.  He went to the big forest in the sky.  They thanked me for catching him and bringing him in.

I feel like kinda feel like s**t as I think about it, and I am allowed to be sad.  But I know it was the best for him.  He's not suffering anymore and his passing was quick and painless.

We didn't have a very long time with him out back, not that I can say for certain.  The misfits of the yard, the ones who stand out among the rest for one reason or another get names.  Sammy got one in his final weeks among us and I guess that's pretty cool.  Even as a little Squirrel in a city full of humans, he still mattered and will be remembered in our memories and the 2 blogs about him.  The crook of the pine outside the back door is so empty without him there every morning waiting for breakfast.

Here's Angie words about him from her Facebook page...  R.I.P. Sideways Sam. I'm glad you made your home in our backyard, if only for a little while. I hope you knew some people cared about you. I'm glad you're not suffering anymore and I hope you run into Smokey, Jigger and all the others who have passed on from our backyard to the big backyard in the sky.

Of course if something like this ever happens again and we know an animal needs help, we will go the same route to try and help them.  I've turned 4 wildlife creatures into TWC and only one made it back out.  I'm hoping for a little turn around in those numbers.

I made this from one of my pics a couple months ago.  It's not Sam but I love the image and the words are so true that only some will get...

If you happened to have missed the initial blog about him, here it is.


Anonymous said...

I am so, so sorry. Sorry for Sam. Sorry for you and Angie. Your hearts must be breaking.
And I love love love the squirrel in snow, with its beautiful words.

-kris ito

Rob said...

Thanks Kris. It stinks overall, but we know it was best for him. He wasn't getting any better and all his intake seemed to be used up in healing and not fattening up for the cold months ahead. I still look in the crook of the tree where he spent much of a couple weeks during the day, right outside our back door.