Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

November 20, 2013

Fund Raiser to Help Build a Songbird Aviary

Hey everyone!

 This Saturday we will be participating in a fund raiser at the Wild Birds Unlimited store in Etobicoke @ 5468 Dundas Street West (Dundas and Shaver).  It is for Hobbitstee Toggenburgs Wildlife Refuge. The goal is to raise $1500 to build a songbird aviary in the Spring of 2014.

There will be a 50/50 draw, raffles with some great prizes, 10% off many non-seed items in the store which include some great Christmas gift potentials for the nature lover in your flock.  Or come for a coffee and cookie, say "hi" and make a donation, nothing is too small, as every bit goes towards helping injured songbirds come next Spring migration.  Come meet Bilbo the Groundhog, Jim the Snapping Turtle and wildlife rehabber Chantal who may share some stories about life as a rehabber.  The event goes from 10am to 5pm.  If you cannot attend but still would like to help, message me for other ways, contact Hobbitstee or just call the Wild Birds Unlimited store @ 416 233 3558.  Hobbitstee also has a wish list of needed items that are just as much appreciated as cash.  The items include...

dry puppy food, UNSALTED sunflower seed and peanut in the shell, powdered milk (esbilac puppy)

Food supplies...
heated electric bowls or buckets, cage mounted water bottles

pine shavings, electric heating pads, incubating heat lamps

Cleaning supplies...
clorox or lysol wipes, laundry detergent or bleach

dog toys, pine cones, postage stamps, large garbage can with lids

clumping litter, recycled newspaper cat litter

heavy duty gloves, outdoor extension cords, working power tools

If you happen to donate any such items in used condition, please ensure they are clean and in good working condition.  Just think of it as if you were the receiver; would you happy to get such a thing from another in that condition?

If you are on Facebook, check out and LIKE Hobbitstee here.  They have a blog which you can view here.  A YouTube channel which you can view here.  This here video is my fave since Angie and I took part in the release which was amazing to see 5 young Red Fox return to the wild.  And here is more ideas for donating.  Lastly here is the event page on Facebook for this Saturday.

As I mentioned, Angie and I will be there much of the day too, minus lunch break.

Thanks for giving this a read and we hope to see you there!

Here is one of the young Fox from the release back in the summer.

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