Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

April 26, 2013

As The Feathers Fly

I think I have forgotten to make mention through my blog that our friend Pierre the Pigeon now has a lady friend.  We've named her Maggie.

About a week ago he showed up in usual fashion, waiting outside the back door, only this time there was another Pigeon sitting there next to him.

Maggie is not nearly as bold as Pierre, you can see the lack of aggression in her appearance and how she carries herself.  She won't jump on us but will eat from our palms.  Today we actually moved up to where she kept one foot on my hand the whole time I was with her.  And while she ate, Pierre ran up and down my arm, feeding a bit, but letting Maggie have at the peanuts.  There are days where he's not been quite the gentleman.

Pierre has moved up on me lately, finding comfort on my shoulder instead of my hand.  He's not so keen on the sunglasses as he gazes at his reflection, making low gurgly growly noises with long stares.

And with love and relationships, even in the wild world, there is drama. I bet if Angie and I sit back and watch, I am certain we can muster up a little soap opera with the happy couple and their flock.

I like to think Pierre being so well fed here, would have the up on his male counterparts in strength but maybe his bonding with us is also making him a little soft. I recall last summer he had some fierce battles with the one I referred to as "The Ginger Pigeon", a bully reddish feathered Pigeon who tried to dominate the yard. Pierre, not being as dumb as people might think of Pigeons, knew to come running to me and Ginger Pigeon would back off temporarily. And as long as Pierre stayed near, he ate well and didn't have to scrap it out.  He found hiding behind my legs in such situations to be quite advantageous.

Of course, I've seen Pierre kick the tail feathers on a few over the months.

But today, I'll say a new guy arrived on the scene. Maybe he's not exactly new but his attitude sure is. Excusing my language here, but this Pigeon is a real prick. I was out doing some work in the back, and of course I have to entertain my guests throughout. Sure the duties take longer with everyone around but it doesn't seem so much like work either.

I'm taking a break, filling some feeders now, and feeding Pierre and Maggie. A few of their flock look on like they are crazy being so close to me. I'm sure there is some curiosity and maybe even a bit of envy; but none dare come closer, which is fine by me... one Pierre is enough, and I am willing to allow his lady friend the same experience.

The above photo is from first thing this morning, before we all were out in the yard and this bit happened next...

Suddenly this other Pigeon comes charging in, he's not trying to take peanuts from me, but he's attacking Pierre. And Pierre is high tailing it to get away from this psycho. They are running all over the yard, Pierre's wings up and flapping like it's going to give him some speed, and jerk-o is right behind him, nipping at his rear, and occasionally gaining ground to bite him on his neck and face.

Maggie stands there frozen, not sure what exactly to do. And as they pass her in their circles, jerk-o now turns his aggression on her. He bites her on the side of her face and isn't letting go. He's pulling on her feathers, and lets go only for a second to then go for the neck.

Pierre is off a ways, collecting his bearings I suppose. He begins to move in, I'm hoping to defend his lady, and not try to sneak grub while the prick of a Pigeon's aggression is elsewhere. I didn't get the opportunity to learn Pierre's intentions as buddy lets go of Maggie and is now after Pierre once again. And it's like instant replay of the last attack. Pierre is running for his life and this guy is right on him butt.

I finally had enough, and as they passed me once again, I reached out and grabbed the little jerk, and as quick as I grabbed him, I kinda launched him about 10 feet away from us. It shocked me as much as it shocked him. There was a moment of peace now and I went back to work. Unfortunately it did not last very long and jerk-o was after Pierre again. I had the visual in my head to repeat my last action but feared injuring the bird if I grabbed him the wrong way. I mean, I shouldn't have picked him up as I did the first time around, because I could have hurt him. This time I just stomped my foot at him, made some stupid loud noise, stomped again and he backed off. We went over this 3 or 4 times before Pierre and Maggie disappeared under the apple trees, ass hat was in the garden with some of the others from the flock and eventually everyone flew off together to wherever they roost or perhaps another feeding spot.

Its interesting to watch the animals, especially as you get used to them individually within a group. Their personalities surface, names are given and backyard life has a new meaning.

Here's some of the action from this morning. What? I had to snap a few pics, the point/shoot was in my pocket.

Pierre on the run, and Maggie seems unaware.
Pierre running right for me.
Jerk-o, Ass Hat almost has Pierre here.
"Oh my gawd!  Rob!  Help me!  This guy is crazy!"
The stare down between me and Jerk-o Ass Hat while Pierre gets a break.
A disappointing moment as the mean Pigeon gets a hold of Maggie and what is Pierre doing...  eating!

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