Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

April 20, 2013


On Jan 14th, 2009 I did my very first blog.

I am at 199 posts right now, most published and about 5 in draft form still.

As I key this, I have had 30,631 hits.  I figure about 100 or so are my own until I figured out how to not count my own views when returning to my blog.  I get it that not every one of those hits had a person actually sit down and read the blog they opened, but say even 50% did, that's pretty cool.  I hope they enjoyed the read; obviously some do as they return again and again.

I look at my top 5 most viewed blogs.  I can see why most are in this top 5, but one puzzles me as much as it touches me to make it here.  I will re-cap this top 5 and I am sure you will be able to figure out which one I am referring to.

#1 is a discussion about what the national bird of Canada should be.
this blog has 4352 hits

#2 is a discussion about Canada needing to step it up with the fur imports and not exactly fur you might think.
this blog has 1320 hits

#3 is a bit on the comic strip called "Buckles".  I found joy in this daily strip due to the portrayal of backyard adventures with the Squirrel "Scrappy" and the birds at the feeder.
this blog has 852 hits

#4 wasn't written that long ago, it was about when Misfit took ill last October.  I called it "Send Misfit Some Love".
this blog has 538 hits

#5 is a bit about The Beautiful Joe Park in Meaford Ontario that Angie and I enjoy visiting when up that way.
this blog has 514 hits

So, have you figured out the one I find most surprising?  Think about each one, and what people may go searching for on the internet.  National bird of Canada, yes, some debates and discussion have been made thanks to The Canadian Raptor Conservancy.  Fur imports is on a lot of peoples' minds.  Buckles, no brainer there.  And Beautiful Joe, a lovely park, a famous book.  But why Misfit?  I only recently got into adding labels to my blogs and I think the only label I have there is "sick budgie".  All of these blogs are older entries being over 2 years old at least.  And Misfit's was done about 6 months ago.  I'm no mathematician, hell I couldn't even spell that word just now (thanks spell check), but think about the hits to the time frame on that one, if it continues...  wow!

All I can say is thank you to everyone who has taken the time out to read any of my blogs; of course bigger thanks to those who come back again and again.

I've pondered my own list of faves of mine.  It is a tough one.  I just scrolled my list of entries over the last half hour and it was fun re-visiting.  I am like "oh ya, I remember that!" or "awww, that was a sad moment" and others brought a smile to my face.  I see where I wish I wrote this instead of that, wanting to add to something, trim some lengthy babble; but I won't do any of that.  They are what they are.

I'm going to add my personal faves here.  They are in no real order, I could never narrow it down like that since they all affect me in different ways.

#1 is probably one of my most happiest and most amazing moments since becoming a "birder".  Its too bad I was alone with this experience.  Its about the morning our little family of Chickadees left their nest box out back last summer.  Bye Bye Baby(s).

#2 is quite recent as well, and I received a lot of comments from others about my take on a little Northern Saw-whet Owl I was watching over this past winter that I named "Sam".  The blog is done through his eyes.  It saddened readers, it angered them, and it had some wondering what the hell I was on when I wrote it.  Through The Eyes of a Saw-whet Owl.

#3 is another Owl story.  Its based on a true story and gives more ammo in the argument about the ills of people messing with Owls, babies, nature in general; and why people really need to stop and think before telling the world where these creatures are.  Hmmm, very much like Sam's story.  Stealing An Owl Ain't Cool...  and You Suck if You Disagree.

#4 was from last summer, Meadow had just turned 9, she went for her annual check up and unfortunately she did not get a clean bill of health this time around.  Pets are family, they are our children and we must take good care of them.  Meadow's 9th Birthday "misadventure".

#5 is as listed in the all time top 5, being #4 from all viewers, and that is about Misfit taking ill last October.  Send Misfit Some Love.

#6 reflects on some more personal moments I have had with Raccoons over the years and why I feel a connection with them.  So many people detest them when all you got to do is understand them a little and perhaps not be such a lazy ass, Raccoon proof your garbage ensuring they cannot dump your bins, and periodically inspect your home for signs of wear/tear where they could eventually get in your attic.  Don't blame them if you choose not to look after your property.  The Adventures of Me and My Masked Friends.

#7 is about NO, the nameless one, a Tarantula I rescued from torture and eventual death at the hands of idiots in a pet store.  Even if you don't like Spiders, you may have a place in your heart for NO after reading this one.  Spider #5.

#8 is about another Tarantula, her name is Maude.  She was a very special spider to us, and I had her with me for over 20 years!  Maude Turns 21 This Year.

#9 is a sad tale with a happy ending.  It shows how cruel some people can be.  A Golden Lab puppy was basically thrown out in a park, abandoned in 30+ degree weather, while the person then sped off in his car.  I am so happy I was there to help this dog.  I Saw A Cartoon Come To Life Before My Eyes...

As I am ending this, more stories come to mind, like when Meadow bit me and had me wind up in emergency.  Most understood it was an accident and Meadow shouldn't be punished but others argued her to be vicious and not worthy of living anymore.  My blogs about the masters of camouflage in the wild world; some couldn't find that one Eastern Screech Owl in one of the photos.  And the list goes on.

Once again, thank you all for your interest in my stories.  If you have a favorite blog of mine, I would love to hear about it.



Socurly said...

I love your blog. I need more! I love the pigeon and Budgie stories too, oh I guess I love them all! Keep it up.

Rob said...

Thanks Lily. :) I`ve been posting some videos on YouTube, look for lilevl13 in the channel search. Hope you are doing well.

Socurly said...

I am ok Rob. I just got punched in the life! My backyard buddies helped me get through some pretty dark days.