Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

May 6, 2013

The Queen and the Beggar

We've got this homeless kitty in the neighbourhood the last few months; first noticing him around January. His sightings aren't very regular but it's easy to see this guy is without a home, and if he has one, it's not a nice family he belongs to leaving him outside, dirty and beaten up. One of our neighbours has been feeding him through the last part of winter because she feels sorry for him, and even had him neutered too! He's a lovable big fluffy boy, probably the suckiest cat I've met in a long time. Even with the dirty coat from being outside all the time, and the few scratches across his nose, he's still a good looking cat.

We might see him a couple times a week, and sometimes it's a week or two from one sighting to another. There are nights I am out filling bird feeders at midnight or so and I will hear him meowing from somewhere nearby and come racing in to say "hello". We mingle a bit while I do what want out back. I've given him a few handfuls of kibble the odd night when it's been quite bitter out. I notice occasionally he takes refuge under our shed or the neighbour's deck. He's not keen of the cold or the rain, like any of us for very long outside. Angie sees him some mornings on her way to the bus stop, looking for attention, and always welcoming a pat on the head. I've seen him at the corner where the bus stop is, just sitting there watching the world go by. I worry about him out there and all the traffic as he sits mere feet from the road. I worry about him and all the others he must fight for one reason or another. But I also worry about all the smaller creatures around us, all the birds more than anything, by having yet another cat prowling the backyards. especially with nesting season upon us.

Today we had a moment with him. I'm out back with Meadow and the Budgies, enjoying the warm sunny morning. Birds and Squirrels aplenty join us. And then along comes this guy. Of course he gets Meadow's attention immediately, the Budgies are oblivious, just tweeting away. I have the camera near, never going out back without it and decide to watch what unfolds providing nobody is getting hurt.

He comes through the hole in the fence as he noticed me first.  Upon entering our yard, the lost beggar runs into the Queen of this domain.  His affectionate attitude put down his guard as he only had eyes on me and perhaps intentions on filling his empty stomach.  And now in the face of the terror, he's unsure what to do.  The Queen is on him quick.

She takes little time in making him well aware this is my turf.  I own the land, I own the people that live here!

And what does the beggar do?  Bows down in respect to her.  And there he stayed while the Queen kept him in this position, to be humiliated as a coward in front of her people.

After a number of minutes of this, I called to the beggar.  I figured it was time to get things moving along here and I could return to my chores out back.  Of course he got up at my calling.

But the dark Queen wasn't quite done with the beggar. 

And once again put him in his place.  He took refuge under the chairs, finding comfort with the obstacles around him, making it difficult for the Queen to lash out at him again.

See how he lowers his head as she nears.  The beggar is submitting to her royal highness.

And to make certain on another thing, this long haired guy you see out here is mine!  Meadow the Queen is in between my legs (see my knee in the upper left?) and stayed there until I finally got up again.

I left them be for a while and finished up what I wanted to do.  The funny thing is the hissing and snarling stopped from the Queen; and all through this ordeal, the beggar never made a sound.  They kept their distance as seen below.  And the body language changed, both of them relaxing.  

The sun was getting hotter as noon approached.  The beggar found cool comfort in the shade under the holly busy.  The Queen had grown tired of him over the hour, and went about her stroll of the grounds.  The beggar would not take his eyes off the Queen for some time, not wanting another lashing.

And a short bit later, the Queen went for a nap on her pillow bed in her castle.

The beggar enjoyed the peace on his dirt bed but rather envious of the life of the Queen.

I hope you enjoyed the story I made out of this real situation. But seriously, if anyone out there might find it in their heart to give this lovable cat a home, please contact me. Maybe you know someone thinking about adopting a cat?

All I know is he is neutered and he's got so much love to offer someone willing to accept it. He really needs a home... and a name.

I raced to get this out before work. Hope my rushed efforts don't show too much.

Here is the link to the YouTube video I posted of him yesterday.

One last shot of him. Not sure of his age as someone asked, he's not a kitten, but definitely not an older cat, judging by how white his teeth are. Maybe 3 years, rough guess.


Encaustics, Acrylics and other media said...

That was a nice tale of a sad sweet kitty, Rob - and of your Meadow keeping guard. If I hear of anyone looking for a kitty to adopt,I'll think of the's hard for me to call him that - he's too sweet-looking to not be given a name

Teena in Toronto said...

What a gorgeous kitty! I hope he finds a home soon.

Anonymous said...

I think he has chosen you to be his family. Do you think the Queen would like a King after all? Just suggesting but I thing he would be a happy boy to live with you.

Rob said...

I am sure he'd like to live with us, or anyone else.

But its not fair to Meadow or our rescue Budgies to bring him in. I've seen his "just can't help myself with your Budgies" attitude. I can't put them under such stress or suddenly put them, or him, in a closed off room away from the rest of the family.

Here's hoping someone will call out to us soon. I will be adding a YouTube link to show a short video of him and how he is with people.

Rob said...

Here's a YouTube link to him, pardon the lack of sharpness and clarity with the video.

Cathie said...

So you have any idea of his age or a guesstimation of it? I will share him on our rescue pages.

Anonymous said...

I was directed here by somebody else and unfortunately I can't help but have to agree with the previous poster. Maybe the Queen would like a King?? Seeing their introduction is very promising! As somebody with 6 cats and birds, we keep our birds in our bedroom and they are quite happy with that :). I strongly believe that as much as our animals love us, they need a friend who speaks their own language. You will be amazed at the bonds they form with each other...I hope you will keep it in mind as a possibility :)

He is so so sweet!

Rob said...

I updated the blog, adding the a direct link to the YouTube video.

I gave a very rough guess on his age at about 3 years. He's no kitten but not that old. Look how clean and white his teeth are in the new photo I added.

We live in a very small old home. There are very few good spots for our birds to be in during the day. The main floor is the only liveable space as the unfinished basement is out of the question and the upstairs is a finished attic with little light or insulation.

As I said in a previous comment, it would not be fair to lock the birds up and keep them away from us. Birds are very social creatures.

It was never our intention to have birds but they flew into our lives via the backyard bird feeders. They are happier with us than locked in the bedroom which we have had to do on occasion. They are very active when with us, they sit and do nothing locked up.

I get the animals speaking their own language. But I find many older cats who have lived a life of being "THE ONE AND ONLY" do not entertain a newer and younger cat in the house.

What works in one house doesn't necessarily work in another be it the humans, the animals or the living arrangements.

Thank you all for your comments and well wishes. :)

Cathie Penalagan said...

Rob, did you ever find a home for your little Beggar boy? If not I will post about him again on some of the rescue pages.