Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

August 2, 2017

Next Generation

Hello. Here we are 12 days since my accident. The recovery is slow and I find myself getting quite bored through the afternoons being home and just relaxing. The cats sleep the afternoon away, my Pigeon buds are well fed and gone, the heat is on and there's not much to do. What I want to do, I can't or shouldn't. Things I could do, I just don't feel like it. Angie has really picked up on all my chores from landscaping to trash and recycling duties, etc. Yep, it's all messed up.

Then as the evening rolls in, the sun sets, and it's like the changing of the guards out back. The birds settle down for the night. And out comes the wildlife. You will see why I call this blog "Next Generation".

The Raccoon kids are almost a sure thing lately.  I've not seen momma since last week.  I hope she's okay.  These guys are fine regardless in my opinion, doing their thing, scavenging under the peanut feeder, playing in our baths and new fountain, scurrying up the trees when they get scared, etc.

To our surprise, we have an Opossum visiting again. This is the first one since April.

A couple wee little Skunks have been popping up in our garden too! I'm hoping these are survivors from that poor mother Skunk I tried to help a few weeks ago. Cute as hell they are, and smaller than our cats. They seem to be doing well out there on their own, digging in the gardens and lawns out back, either our yard or a neighbours.

They are trigger happy and the slightest noise sets them in this alert pose.

It makes us long for the weekends even more, so Angie has the opportunity to stay up later and watch the night action.  We had a blast last weekend with "hat tricks" both evenings as all 3 species came through.

Yes, despite the downfalls and tragedies, nature keeps moving along, and we welcome the next generation.

I hope Star Trek geeks don't Google "Next Generation", find this and get disappointed. HAHA!


Anonymous said...

Wow Rob! Sorry to read of your accident. I hope you are well on the road to recovery. Nice to see you have some entertainment of the furry kind in the meantime.


Encaustics, Acrylics and other media said...

Glad you're finding some solace in the pack out back - keep healing!