Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

August 26, 2016


Recently looking online through Google, searching about Raccoons, I came across a comic panel. Who didn't love Calvin and Hobbes back in the day? Seeing this one panel suddenly got me searching for the story in it's entirety. I remember this story as I have all of the C&H books from when I was, uh, younger.

I got rather nostalgic in the moment, thinking back to those books, the laughs I had from Calvin's adventures. The love and friendship he and Hobbes shared. How I could so relate to all of this, more so now in my adult years, where I am in tune to my feelings and my appreciation to a bond with an animal.

I also think back to those days, the days when places like Toronto Wildlife did not exist. How we dealt with sick or injured wild animals. We cared and wanted to help but with having no idea what was wrong, what to do, where to go, often it was just keeping them until they died. We gave them warmth, comfort and full bellies. Our hearts were full of love and care to these creatures. We always hoped we did what was best for them.

Here is the complete story line (click on the panels to open them up for easier viewing).

How awesome this story was about a Raccoon! If you haven't figured it out already, I have an admiration for these animals. I may have to pull some of my old C&H books out from storage. It's been years since I've read them.

It's also made me have a "moment" of stronger appreciation for wildlife centres as I think about ever getting into a situation like this again. A few years back I trapped an injured Raccoon that had both back legs broken and some major spinal trauma due to a car strike. If TWC did not exist, that night I probably would have just looked at him in the pouring rain, feeding under our bird feeder, pulling himself around by his front legs and just felt nothing but sadness, eventually turning out the lights, saying a prayer for him, the best prayer I could think of being non-religious and try to go to sleep.

Anyone reading this blog is an animal lover. Maybe you will reflect on a creature you tried to help back in the day? Feel free to share in the comments. Maybe you were a fan of Calvin and Hobbes too? Maybe it's time to rediscover an enjoyable piece of the past?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for starting to blog again Rob. We've missed you.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Rob. Definitely been there a million times!

Anonymous said...

I saw a Grackle on the road near my house, drove home quickly to get a box and gloves and when I got back to the bird, it had been hit again and had died. I stopped safely, put it in the box and took it home and buried it in my backyard. I was so sad I didn't get there in time to perhaps save the bird. I always carry a shoebox, unwaxed paper bags and gloves in my car now, just in case. Thanks for this great blog post Rob.