Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

July 13, 2015

Meet Merry and Molly!

Hello viewers of my blog! May I present to you all Merry and Molly!

Orphaned sister cats that we adopted and brought to their "furever" home here with us on June 27th.

They were found at the wee age of about 2 weeks old. Their eyes were not even opened yet. It is suspected that their mother met an untimely demise on the streets of Toronto. Toronto Animal Services put a call out to the masses about anyone willing to take these 2 darlings in, foster them, bottle feed them all hours of the day/night and hopefully they'd survive these first crucial days/weeks and maybe get into the adoption system.

Our vet clinic answered the call. And everyone there took part in helping these two young felines. Amazing that people gave their time so willingly to help raise them over the next number of weeks.

Angie and I met them at one point, then went home and gave a lot of thought about taking 2 kittens in. Kittens! Hoo boy! The insanity. Plus the fact we have 2 Budgies in the house, both rescues as some of you already know, and we love them dearly.

A few days passed and we decided we could make this work. We both accepted that shit is going to happen in the house, things will be disrupted and things may get broken; but we could make this work. Most importantly no one was going to get hurt... cats or Budgies.

First steps into our home can be seen here.

It's been a couple weeks now with them here with us. A big animal adventure at home, not allowing me a whole lot of time to get out and about. That is okay by me. The days are pretty warm now and I like the time at home, with them, and those who visit our backyard.

At times it seems quite soon after Meadow left us, and other times it seems much longer.  Anyone with animals knows the joy of having furry family members, their love is genuine and can lift a person up on even the crappiest of days.  These cats are not a replacement for Meadow.  There is no replacing her, like there is no replacing any other animal or person in our lives.  We are all individuals. 

Please enjoy the photos of our newest family members and I will see you all again soon!  Angie has blogged about them here and here if you would like to see more about them in photos and words.  Oh and one more video, Molly seeing the brush for the first time.  They love being brushed now!

Welcome home Merry.

Wee little Molly.

She sleeps like a boss, anywhere and everywhere, anyhow.

The shoe rack was a great source of entertainment in the first days of being here.

Caption this...

Told ya so.  Like a boss!

A good size reference as they squeeze into a case of pop.

Merry wants to tell y'all something.  She loves it here.

I think my choice of music...  heavy metal...  is having an influence on Molly.

Hugging and squeezing our new babies.

We all enjoy the down time.

Oh yes we certainly do.

Sometimes I need a little help unwinding though.

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