Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

July 30, 2015

His name is Petey!

We are well into week 2 with this new Pigeon coming around. A real character who I often wonder about. Like where did he come from? Who conditioned him to be so "domesticated"? I know I have influenced a few of our visiting flock thanks to my minglings with Pierre, but those birds who do pick up on it, it's a very slow process to come to hand. A lot of skittish attempts for days, weeks and even months. This guy... I first notice him one day, and the next he's like my bestest friend EVER!

A lot has happened in a week with this bird which Angie has named Petey.

I had my concerns in the first few days because here he is, and it was like this was where he was staying, not going anywhere, and he really wasn't a part of the flock. Petey was either in my hand, on my shoulder, head or up in the one Pine tree behind the house on the same branch (never a different branch). He'd be there from my waking moments until I left for work. He would nap or watch the other Pigeons but keep his distance. I'd get home well after dark and wondered if he was still out in the yard sleeping in that tree. I should have looked but never did. This didn't bother me, if he's safe and happy there, so be it. Of course when the seasons change (ack, winter), I know a branch on a Pine tree is not a very good roost for one lone bird. Thoughts of what to do with him months from now went through my head. Build him a coop? Trap him and pass him to a buddy of mine who keeps Pigeons? Would he stay with that guy or find his way back to me, since buddy does let his birds fly?

Over the weekend Petey made that decision for me. He slowly worked his way out of the Pine tree, mingled more and more with the flock and was spending less time here. This week his arrival is usually around noon. Obviously he is following the other birds to various feeding spots. It's nice to know they aren't dependent on this house for all their food.

If Petey is here, he lets me know. As soon as I open the back door, he is coming right to me, like it or not.

Last weekend Angie had her first sight of Petey, me peering in the kitchen window at her, with him on my head. I guess my 6' tall stand gives a good view for this young bird?

People are either loving or loathing our new yard pal. Best line, insert sarcasm, "How can you like both Pigeons and Peregrines?" Some people just don't get.

Here's a bunch of photos.  Don't be hating now!  ;)

He's a great groomer.  Looks after my hair and nails.

Peace to the Pigeons!

Large dominant male of the flock giving him some grief.

Mirrored sunglasses...  oooooooooooooooo!

Just hanging out.

Petey's signature...  one white claw.

Loves my shoulder.

Nibbles or kisses to my nose.

Word to the 'world wide web'...  "Better get used to me!"

Artsy shot, focus on him over my first thing in the morning look.  LoL!

Here is a video link to 14 seconds of him and I.

Pierre and the missus are certainly not being ignored.

Watching this flock, it's like a community.  The birds are all individuals, with their own appearances and personalities.  I like watching the relationships between them all.  The birds come and go, and as birds leave, new birds come in.  Walter disappeared about a month ago.  Now we have Petey.

Walter here who sure looks like Petey but is (was) twice the size and very aggressive.

We are in the dog days of summer now.  I don't get out much so most of the animal stuff right now is all here at home.

We are enjoying this male Ruby-throated Hummingbird visiting us numerous times a day, mostly late afternoon and evening.  I can't enjoy him until the weekends due to my work hours.

Raccoons always kicking around the yard.  Did I ever blog about the 2 orphans (who we think are orphans)?  I found 2 young ones dead on the main road by us the other day.  It would appear the pair were trying to cross Scarlett Road together and did not make it.  I hate seeing such things.  I hope it's not our little yard pals.  I keep looking out for them but with the blazing heat/humidity this week; I'm not looking too hard.  After work I just want to come home, shower and zone inside.  This was from last Saturday...

If I do get out, which is once every other week it seems.  I'm not seeing a whole lot.  There is one bird who is presenting itself to me semi-regularly this year and I consider myself blessed.  Who wouldn't feel blessed seeing a Great Horned Owl?

Relatives to my Raccoons at home?

And last, but not least, our new additions to the family, Merry and Molly, keep me hopping, jumping, cleaning and screaming.  LoL!  It's insanity having 2 wee little kittys running around the house.  Angie has been doing some regular blogs about them since their arrival like this one here.  We love them so much.



As always, I would like to thank you all for stopping in here and seeing what the animals and I have been up to.  The August long weekend is almost here.  Have a great one!

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