Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

December 16, 2014


I had a rough day yesterday for some reason. It was an exceptionally gross Monday. Nothing went how I had hoped for it to go. And my mood went from feeling nothing more than "ya, I'm existing" to something angry and intolerable to much around me.

Of course this all went away as soon as I got home from work last night. I put my silly wife to bed. I got lots of kitty cuddles from Meadow. And I spent a little time watching this guy out back.

We actually have 2 Opossums roaming the backyards after dark now and that's just freakin' awesome!

I have a habit of tossing mostly eaten apples out on the back lawn when I get in. I normally snack on one with the drive home. It's the only time where I enjoy eating an apple and not actually get bored with it. I sure hope that doesn't go under distracted driving one of these days!

Usually it's a Squirrel who finds the apple remains in the morning and finishes it up. But the 'Possums are taking them if they come around. It's that time of year where food is scarce and something like this is appreciated. I am not hand feeding them, just throwing it out back and if someone comes along and finds it... score!

They know the hollowed out half log down at the back of the yard that I dragged home last year and use it often as a place to hide. This is where they take the apple cores to finish them off.

View from the back. You can sort of make out the exit. I tried to fill it in with dirt through the fall and then cover with leaves, downed cedar branches but they keep digging out a hole. I guess it's for the best in case something wicked comes for them through the front that they aren't trapped. This is well away from the house. We are fortunate to have such a deep backyard.

View from the front.

This is barely noticeable from the deck as well!

Be it a winter scene.

A summer scene.

Or those gross days in between.

We are still seeing the Skunks the odd night, or early morning too.

Our Raccoons seem to be in semi-hibernation now. I see signs of their night time visits on occasion, be it a stool sample behind the shed or tracks in the snow. I miss the nights with the kids.

I love where we live! Our house may be a near 100 yr old shack but home is where the heart is, and it goes beyond these walls. It's our sanctuary... and theirs.


Tracy said...

What a beautiful yard you and Angie have! And you get so many do you ever stop watching? What is the large shrub with the yellow flowers in the back left corner before the shed? It's beautiful!

Rob said...

Hi Tracy! Thanks for the comments on my last few blogs. :)

I was told what that plant is a long time ago but the name escapes me now. It's not a shrub. It's some kind of flower and it spreads like mad. When I moved in here, the previous owners had it contained to one section along the fence. I let it grow along the whole fence and the Gold Finches just love it. If I ever get the name of it again, I will pass it along to you.

Tracy said...

Thanks, Rob! I love to have plants that are beneficial to birds and other wildlife.