Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

July 28, 2014

Say a prayer for Meadow

Hi everyone,

I'm needing to share something even though I'm really not in the mood for it. But perhaps venting will help me and words of comfort back from others will ease things for the time being... although I must add that Facebook has exploded for us with kind words from friends near and far about this.

Meadow took ill, and I mean really ill, last Friday. I'm stunned at how she went from the bouncy active kitty on Thursday to a lethargic lump that wanted nothing to do with anything, be it hanging with her daddy or even food!

We let things ride out through that day, allowing 24 hours for something to change and hopefully for the better but that didn't happen. So come Saturday, off to the vet she went.

The vet was shocked to see her as she was in for a full physical only two weeks ago and she got a great bill of health. So what the heck is happening? She even lost 1 pound from the physical to this visit. He was even more shocked by that and said it just wasn't possible. Upon the visit with her this time, all vitals seemed good... temperature, blood pressure, no lumps, no pains.

He said it's obviously digestive and didn't want to go looking for zebras before looking for elephants first. For you birders out there, lets go looking for Cardinals before Owls. We trust our vet, he's a good man, and one of those vets you don't have to worry about giving a sick animal unnecessary tests and treatments in order to make $$$ for himself and the clinic.

So we took Meadow home with some real runny condensed wet food that we would give to her with a syringe to keep her insides working, especially her liver. It's scary to learn that the cat is the only animal whose liver will begin to shut down after 3 days of not being used (not eating). So it was important to get something in her. We were also to give her laxatone, which is a laxative and lubricant to assist in the removal of hairballs. She was trying to cough one up on Friday and only a small one came out.

We let her rest all she wanted and only bugged her when it was time to try and do a feeding or administer the other stuff. Talk about a horrible experience for all of us! So stressful and hard on Meadow who just wanted to be left alone, and for Angie and I who hated putting her through this. But we gotta do it!

Unfortunately nothing good happened through this. We tried to see the positive signs, like her washing, jumping on the bed, purring, whatever. But we could see she was getting weaker, more lethargic than ever and even the last couple feedings had her not even swallow the food.

Sunday we are back at the clinic with Meadow. Our vet takes a look at her and notes that she does not look like the same cat 24 hours earlier. I must add, that with Meadow and the Royal York Animal Clinic, she's been going there since she was a kitten. And once she turned 10, they started a senior cat plan with her, which allows check-ups at zero cost, it's only tests that cost us or other things. So Saturday's visit and all they did only cost us $13 for the treatment stuff we were to give her.

He said they need to keep her for 24 hours, do some blood tests and get her on IV as she was dehydrated. We were half expecting this. He would have the blood results in a few hours and go from there.

2pm the phone rings, it's our vet Dr. John Allen and he has the results. It would seem she's been diagnosed with Pancreatitis but at that moment, unsure of the severity. No matter what, it must be treated or Meadow is going to die.

She's still at the clinic, we are hoping for a turn around in her condition soon, and she is to come home Tuesday evening if all goes well. The condition must clear up and just as importantly Meadow must start eating on her own (and go to the bathroom).

It's been a very hard couple days with our little girl and now without. Anyone with fur kids certainly feels our pain.

I don't know what's been worse, having her here with us as ill as she was, or not having her here period. Deep down I know this shouldn't even be thought about but just saying, not having her home with us is so bizarre. The house seems so empty! Especially with Angie and I on different shifts these days, we have our own routines with Meadow. Mine is coming home from work and she greets me at the door, we mingle, I get washed and changed for the evening and Meadow is always mere feet from me. I'll kick back to something I put on my portable dvd player, stretched out on the couch, and Meadow is soon up there beside me, snuggled in my arm pit as she loves to do. She'll purr away and I usually find myself falling asleep with her while the movie plays. We go to bed, me first, and Meadow joins after her midnight scoop of kibble, trying to not wake Angie up. Then come 4:30am, Angie is getting up and Meadow follows her out the door. Sometimes she's not quite ready to get up, Angie closes the door over, and I end up having to let her out before 5am. I go back to sleep and usually find her by my side again when I wake up at 7:30am. Our mornings are varied, depending on the weather, but many days find us outside even for a brief spell. She's older now and doesn't like being out there for lengthy amounts as in her younger years; but she still ventures out, even on the coldest days we had this past winter.

In the early days of dating Angie, I told her about the life Meadow and I have, and that I am her whole world. A human's life is a lot more complex than the animals that live with them, but overall, Meadow is a huge part of my world. She comes into many equations about things.

She's been with me since about the age of 5 weeks. She's my sick bed companion, my movie bud, my backyard adventurer, occasional food tester in her younger years, the best comforting friend during some really shitty moments and so on. Let's just say she's my side kick and everyone knows that. Even those not into cats or pets can appreciate the bond Meadow and I have. It's unique and some others get it as they have their own unique bonds with an animal (or have had). But this is my blog, about me, about Meadow. I could do a whole one about Angie and Meadow as that's a story in itself.

Anyways, this is just my vent about what is going on and anyone out there who cares to put Meadow in their thoughts for even a moment is appreciated.

Here's a few of my fave photos of our little girl.

Here she is, just a wee little kitty, living in Wasaga Beach, shortly before coming to live with me. Her mother's name was Pepsi. How suiting someone brought Meadow into my life, eh? Note for those who don't know, I work for Pepsi Cola.

Long before having a good camera and the ability to use one. But I remember the early days of her here with me, before I met Angie. She turned this house into a home. She made me want to come home.

What she loves to do on the warmer days of the year, just lay out back with us and take in the sun and the good life.

Meadow and her favorite shrub out back, some kind of Wiegela. She loves those flowers during their short time of bloom.

Ooooooo, Halloween is coming!

The pretty little face I wake up to most mornings.

I like to send such photos to Angie at work on occasion, us up to no good, having her tear around on the bed. She loves bed making with me in the morning, the flying top sheet or bringing her favorite toy ever, that little table looking thing that comes with most pizzas. I can hear the rattle of it across the hardwood in my head.

We made a birthday card...

Oh there's hundreds to choose from.

What can I say? We have a blast sharing life together and I hope for many more years.

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Encaustics, Acrylics and other media said...

I'm not the praying kind, but I said a little one for Meadow. I hope she comes home in a much improved state tomorrow night and this experience becomes a scary memory of the past. May she live many more happy healthy years with you!