Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

July 1, 2014

Canada Day 2014, here and gone...

Well, it's a wrap on Canada Day 2014. Okay, less than 2 hours to go really but it's a wrap for me. I just got inside from a full afternoon/eve out back with my crew, thanks to the mosquitoes.

Angie is away visiting family and friends in Nova Scotia this week and this may be the first Canada Day we've not been together. Normally we don't do a whole lot, which is what we like. We hang out in the yard with our critters, snack, drink a bit and just enjoy the day at home.

Well I kept up with much of that tradition minus the snack part. No I'm not starving myself as some are lead to believe. It's just the eating for one, meh, why bother (especially in this humidity)? Blah!

The morning started at 5:30am. I fell asleep on the couch last night much like a bachelor can do. Thanks to Meadow wanting her breakfast, she woke me up with a tap on the cheek with her paw. I should commend her for letting me sleep in until that time as usually it's 4:30am when she's getting her first scoop of that day.

The day has started outside, Sparrows are singing, the sun is rising, and I see our little Raccoon family wandering around. I could hug Meadow now for having me not miss this moment. I throw some clothes on, after feeding her of course, and dash outside. It was an entertaining half hour watching them do their thing. I wish I could share all the photos but there's just too many. I will try to pick the 4 best ones of the visit.

Isn't he the cutest little bum EVER?

Gotcher nose!

Plumbers in training.

Mom says she's sexy and she knows it.

Okay, one more... family portrait.

They were outside until about 6am. Then off they went to bed, and so did I.

7:30am comes along and it's time to get the Budgies up. I try to go back for a little more sleep after but that isn't happening. I get up, coffee is on, and outside I go. Pierre is waiting for me like usual.

The lady next door comes outside to do some gardening and stops to speak with me. Her and her family are from Tibet. They've only been in Canada about 6 years. Her English isn't very good but somehow we communicate rather well. She often says we don't speak the same language but we understand each other. What really helps is that we share a love for our animal friends. She took Pierre for a walk one morning about her yard, it was hilarious and endearing to watch. He went along for the walk, sitting in her hands, and she spoke to him in her language. He would look at her and all around, almost like he knew what she was saying. Maybe he did? I wish I got a photo of that. It was nice to talk with her although she was delaying the work I wanted to do outside before the rain came.

I got most of the work done that I wanted and actually the rain was welcoming to me. It forced me to go inside and chill out for a while, have another coffee, and giggle at the slew of Raccoon photos I got earlier. I'm feeling pretty bagged today after the Falcon watches and other stuff but these kinds of animal moments give me energy. The rain kept on for a while and somehow I managed to get a little more sleep in.

When I woke up, I could see the sun shining outside. I knew it was gonna be stank ass humid out there but out I went, this time with Meadow and the Budgies.

It wasn't long before the humidity knocked the wind out of Meadow's sails.

Misfit and Moonie talked to all their friends outside for quite some time, much to the joy of anyone in ear shot with an open window. TWEET TWEET TWEET!

I changed the bird baths and the Pigeons were in heaven with the cool water.

Mickey flew in for a visit and had a sit with me too.

I puttered a bit, and at one moment, a Monarch Butterfly stopped in and checked out the Milkweed. Dammit, I didn't have my camera, just my phone up on the deck! By the time I got the camera and came back out, it was gone. So I searched the garden for anything of interest. I did spot my first of season Candy-striped Leafhopper. But as with the name "Leafhopper", that is what this guy did, hopped away and disappeared on me. A little more searching the yard and I stumbled upon an Orchard Orbweaver Spider. Man was I ever stoked about this! I'd never seen one before, or just not noticed/ID'd one. So this was a real treat! I rang up my buddy Brian for some camera setting tips as I just can't seem to nail this macro lens. We had a good chat about this and that, plus some camera tips.

Spiders aren't for everyone, but they sure are for me!

Content with my shots, I went and sat down for a while. I started to read a book Angie picked me up called "Last of the Curlews" written by Fred Bodsworth.  Ron Pittaway recommended it to me the morning I ran into him at Col. Sam Smith Park in May.  Interestingly enough it was the morning of the unveiling of Fred's memorial bench at Whimbrel Point.  I told Ron I wasn't so sure about that since I mostly read comic books.  He assured me it's a good read and so far he is right on that, in my opinion.  Ron is a great guy and I'm happy to now know him thanks to Big Frank and the Rosetta Hawk Watch crew.

Angie and I had been texting periodically throughout the day.  We were missing each other and spending the day together.  While I don't know much about where she is since I'd never been to the east coast, she sure could envision being at home in the yard with us by my updates to her.  Budgies squawking, Meadow is chasing Butterflies, we had a Chickadee visit briefly, Chimney Swifts flying low over the yard, etc.

The afternoon passed, evening set in.  The Budgies went to bed.  Meadow got fed.  And finally I did too.  The air was noticeably cooler, still a near 30c humidex but much better than 40+.  Meadow joined me and we sat quietly, enjoying the breeze and watching the last of the birds coming in for a feed (Meadow hoping for another Butterfly or two).

Darkness rolled in, fireworks booming about the neighbourhood and I can see not everyone is enjoying the show.

They don't understand. Poor guys.

So, while it may not have been the most exciting Canada Day to some, it was just right for me and could only have improved with my wife by my side. I mean, you are reading about "Rob and the animals", right?

I hope however you spent your Canada Day (those who live in this fine country) certainly enjoyed yourselves as well.


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Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I do loathe the fireworks on behalf of our critters.
My kitty wakes me at dawn, that paw on the face is familiar!