Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

December 6, 2013

What A Week!

Hey friends...  as I said above, "What a week!"

First off was our one year anniversary on November 30th.  It was a spectacular day really and not as we thought our day would play out.  Angie did a great re-telling of the day on her blog, so please check it out...  its probably not what you'd expect either.  Click here.

Then on Wednesday December 4th, I took notice to a Raccoon out back under the bird feeders about 10:30pm.  I'm enjoying a beverage after work, and it was my first day back on the job after 7.5 weeks off with a shoulder injury.  This one is blog worthy on it's own, and I will get into it next week.  But jist of it is there was something wrong with this young Raccoon.  So out in the dark and the rain, I went out and trapped him, keeping him contained until later Thursday morning when thankfully someone from the Toronto Wildlife Centre could come and help me get him back to their centre.  Messing around with stressed out injured Raccoons in the dark is a very scary experience and I don't recommend it for everyone.  You really got to think about what you are doing, try and understand the animal, his probable condition, through observation and act accordingly.  Of course taking your own health in consideration is important.  I took a very short video of him that morning as I checked on him before speaking with TWC.  Check the video here.

And as Thursday night was coming to a close, my cell phone rang and caller ID showed it was The Owl Foundation once again.  I recon this may be another blog on it's own as the story unfolds but jist of this one is there is a little Northern Saw-whet Owl coming down from the Barrie area and they were seeking people to help in the relay driving system to get the injured bird to the Foundation in Vineland, Ontario.  Luck have it my mornings are free right now due to my work schedule.  So I agreed to do my part and will pick the bird up here near our home and drive him straight to the Foundation.  I don't know much of his story but whatever it is, he needs help.

a Northern Saw-whet Owl I got to know last winter

And of course, let's wish them all the best and hope for speedy recoveries and be back in the wild again soon.

So, as I embark on this next adventure minus my co-pilot due to work schedules; I ask that perhaps you might think of stepping up a bit more with our wildlife friends.  You could donate money to any of the rehab centres in your area, donate useful items to them on their wish lists, volunteer at a centre, offering whatever time you can give, or sign up as a volunteer driver transporting injured animals or picking up items in your spare time.  It's just a thought.  I know a lot of people do help out but there's always room for more and if you have children, this can be an enriching experience for them. 

Anyways, got to get ready for the big road trip.  Have a great weekend!

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