Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

October 6, 2013


Last weekend we had take-out from Hong Kong Gardens down on Bloor Street.  And come Sunday night, after 2 dinners of it, with one more packed up for a lunch, we'd had our fill of the things we enjoy from this restaurant.  Green bin this, blue bin that and grey bin a couple non recyclables.  I didn't take notice to the fortune cookies that went into the garbage as well.  Even if the cookies really aren't enjoyable, I like to read my supposed fortune.  But we ended up with some left over birthday cake so that trumped the cookies by a long shot.  I already knew my fortune anyway...  get up on the exercycle this week and work off the weekend's not so healthy eating.

Well, Monday morning comes, doing this and that, household stuff and I step out front of the house for something.  What do I notice on top of the bins but what you see in the photo above.  It would appear that one of our local Raccoons sniffed out the fortune cookies at the bottom of the bin, pulled them all out and ate them on top of the bin.  I had a good chuckle at the fortunes he left on the one bin (and the fact most of the cellophane wrapping was still in the garbage bin).

I looked over all the fortunes and lightly took to the idea that the most prominent one, the one above the others, was my "fortune".  A new perspective will come with the new year.  Whatever that can mean is a mystery to me right but time may tell I suppose.  And with it comes 6 lucky numbers.  Our friend Patty suggested to me that I play those numbers for shits and giggles but I was already thinking that and I bought a 649 ticket for the coming Wednesday draw with those numbers checked off.  I go to the scan machine Thursday morning and guess what?  I won!!!!!  A whole $12!!!!!  No jackpot by any means but it was something, and a little more than what I put in for the ticket.  Plus I ended up with a pretty cool little story to share with you all.

Was it all coincidence?  Or a little something from my wildlife friends outside our house?  I leave that up to you to decide.

After note...

I was out in the backyard quite late Thursday night filling bird feeders and cleaning baths.  I left out a fresh bowl of cold water and *accidentally* spilled some peanuts nearby.  A short bit later I was joined by this fellow, happy with his own good fortune.

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