Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

September 28, 2013

The Saga Continues...

For those of you who enjoy our visiting Pigeon Pierre, this one is for you.

He's been visiting for over a year and the adventures continue. Back in the Spring he had himself a little lady friend, who unfortunately disappeared and I believe something bad happened to her, like a Hawk snagged her as Pierre was a mess for some weeks after Maggie was gone. He was so skittish and spooked by everything. But in time, he was his old self again, and a lot more calm.

We enjoyed a not too hot and humid summer out back, spending lots of time through the afternoons in the backyard.

And as summer came to an end, it would appear that one of the younger Pigeons also visiting caught on to Pierre's "gig" he has with me, getting a good and seemingly never ending supply of shelled peanuts from my hand. And it's funny to see how Pierre reacts to this as it is a complete opposite of the days with Maggie... Pierre hates it! He doesn't like this bird and likes the competition even less. His peaceful meals are being interrupted by this younger Pigeon, a punk and a pain in the ass in the eyes of Pierre.

I have mixed feelings about a second bird flying to my hand for food. Sure it's cool to have that connection with another wild bird, even if it's all about the food and not so much about me (but I believe there's a bit of a trust built through this too). We see the trust in Pierre as he'll come to us with ease, more so with me since I've had almost daily interaction with him. I can give him belly rubs or just slide my hand under his feet and he walks right up me. While visitors to the yard can only watch. So, yes, it is cool. But for so long just having Pierre was special. It was our thing with him. He chose us. And the day he brought Maggie was quite endearing and very "Lady and the Tramp" like. But it feels different with this little guy flying in, Pierre gets quite angry and aggressive. The calming moment is lost.  Here's a video moment with us 3.

I found the scuffles comical at first. Now I do my best to keep them separated. I've had both arms stretched out, keeping them as far apart as possible. I've even put one hand around one of the pines to keep them out of each others sights. And other days I let Pierre know who is boss with only one hand of food put out. One of these days Angie must be out there with the camera when I'm feeding them both. Haha!

I named this bird "Jesse". It sorta fell into place with our sudden addiction to the tv series Breaking Bad. He's a little trouble maker. But as I looked through some older photos, I found one with Pierre, Maggie and a third bird who came around quite close back then that I was calling "Justin" and am now thinking this is probably him. Not sure where he went to for the summer but he's back...

to be continued?

Pierre and Jesse race for the food in my hand. Pierre is big and mean while Jesse is fast and lean. Can you figure out who is who here?

Jesse has a little feed after Pierre has had his fill.

One very full Pierre.

Back in April, Pierre and his lady Maggie.

I do wonder if that is Jesse behind them?

Yes, we have some fun at home.  :)

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