Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

July 22, 2013

I Visited Smudge Today

I visited Smudge today at the shelter. It was a rise of emotions within me as I neared Toronto Animal Services on The East Mall. I wondered how he would look, how he would act, if he'd remember me, etc.

I arrived at the shelter and spoke with the woman I met when I dropped him off there about 6 weeks ago. We had a brief chat, she told me all about him once again, how lovable he is, he wants pats, scratches and hugs before his morning meal. They all adore him and know it's only a matter of time before he gets adopted.

He does have a bit of a tummy issue right now which is giving him the runs. They are waiting for results from fecal and blood samples figuring their initial tests during his quarantine may have not picked it up. But other than that, he is doing great. You wouldn't know he was a cat with the runs by how he acted in his cage which is quite roomy for a boy of his lion-like size. He's all clean now, no mats on his fur, the scars on his nose have healed and the white fur is just that... white and not muddy like the day I took him in. And he is quite content on where he is staying right now. He has lots of attention from the people who look after the animals at TAS and he has a group of feline friends he shares the cat adoption room with (at least a dozen).

I talked to Smudge a little bit, gave him some rubs under the chin through the cage. He played with my fingers a bit but was more interested in another cat out of it's cage at the moment. Every time the cat passed Smudge, out came Smudge's paws to grab this other cat's tail. It seemed to be a bit of a game they were having.

Another family was in the adoption room while I visited Smudge. A mother and her two young daughters. I guess they were interested in the one walking around. The young girls took quick notice to my bonding with Smudge and then the questions poured out.

Do you know this cat?

What's his name?

Why did you bring him here?

That was question hurt a bit but I know what I did (that Angie and I agreed upon) was the best thing for him. But it's not an easy thing to explain to two young girls under the age of 8.

So, I said I knew the cat. I told them his name is Smudge. I said he's a beautiful lovable boy and once had a family. But that family moved away and could not take him. So they left Smudge at his old house but the new family did not want him. Smudge found help through us and some other people on the street but none of us could take him in as we all have lots of pets already. It was best to bring Smudge to the shelter, keeping him safe indoors, away from all the rain we have had, and cool instead of being outside on the really hot days like we had last week. I tried to explain about the situation with the birds but stopped short to not upset the young girls.

They looked at me, looked at Smudge, rubbed his paw through the bars and said "good luck Smudge!" And then they went back to the cat they were first checking out.

I took a couple pics of Smudge and said "see ya later". He gave little notice to me as he was waiting for the next pass of this other cat.

Before leaving I talked to the woman at the counter again. I told her about my blog and how I feel obligated to help this cat out. She understood and assured me it will happen, that he will get adopted, he's too nice of a cat to not get picked up in the coming weeks. But for now, he is happy and he is safe and that's what counts most. We both agreed that it will take one serious minded person/family to meet him and he will be adopted.

Smudge currently resides at 146 The East Mall in Etobicoke and here is a link to their website. Last I saw, Smudge's adoption page was down while they worked with a vet to cure what is ailing him.

Here are my other two blogs about him from the last little while if you are new to the story about this cat.

First blog titled "The Queen and the Beggar".

Second blog titled "Whatever Happened to Smudge?"

I thank everyone who has been taking the time out to read and share these blogs. It will be great when because of us all that Smudge finally gets his forever home.

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