Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

July 19, 2013

"Get Your Hands Off My Bird You Freak!" or Rob Loses His S**t On Dundas

Facebook friends and a few others know this one but I gotta share it here...

Yesterday I took our Budgie Misfit to the vet. You all know Misfit, don't you? Remember her story from last October with the broken egg kinda inside her? See the story here if you missed it.

Here's our rescue girl, one of my favorite photos I've taken of her.

So, we get to the vet office in "the junction" area of west Toronto. Parking is only street parking along Dundas and of course you have to pay. I park the truck right outside the vet office and walk to the pay meter to get my pay pass which is at the most, about 25 feet from the truck. Misfit is waiting for me in the truck on the passenger seat (in her cage).

Misfit rides shotgun with daddy to the vet.

I start dropping my coins in the machine and I hear a door open, the corner of my eye catches a figure at our GMC. I look and there's some woman now with the door open looking inside! It's kind of a blur after that since I went into a sort of red rage which happens very rarely. I know I was loud, I know there was a lot of profanity and I was like a charging bull.

I remember her saying something about wanting a better look at the bird. And she reached into the truck to grab the cage.

It all ended rather quickly, my heart pounding, the woman scurrying off with her tail between her legs, and probably needing a change of undergarments, and Misfit making these unpleasant growly gurgling noises she's started ever since visiting the vet was becoming a regular thing. She makes them whenever something is unsettling to her now. But she calmed down pretty quick and in we went to the vet office.

I still shake my head at this. I didn't think there was a need to lock the truck door when I was that close to it and my time away wouldn't have been more than a minute or two depending on how slow the meter would be. And surely she must have seen me get out of the truck in that time.

But the great news is that after 10 months of this and that with Misfit, the vet, some treatments being shots to curve her egg laying desires, diet changes, sleep schedules, etc; we are now done and hopefully for a very long time. Angie and I are very strict with Misfit and Moonie now but don't worry, they like it. Birds are very social creatures and these two sure love the fuss over them.

In other Budgie news, a friend of ours, Jennifer, had this sad sight at her office in the Bramalea area (Dixie and Queen). It's a lovely male Budgie who is obviously lost and was getting their attention from the third floor window. You can easily see he's familiar with people and apparently really wanted inside. Unfortunately the windows do not open and not much could be done for him. This happened yesterday too.

Today he was no where to be seen but hopefully found his way to a bird feeder in the area and maybe some kind folk find him and give him a new loving home. Both Misfit and Moonie are proof that this can happen to this guy as well.

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socurly said...

Maybe she thought he was left in the car abandoned. Then again maybe she was just trying to "Birdnap". You cannot trust anyone!

Love your stories!