Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

September 28, 2012

Step Into My World (through video)

I still have a few stories kicking around in my brain to punch out on the keys at some point but not just yet.

Today I thought I would further add to my previous blog of there being no place like home and instead of adding many photos I thought I would share a few short videos of life here (all are a minute or less in length).

First off, here is our second backyard rescue Budgie "Moonie" after one year with us and he's decided to take a bath in one of Misfit's water dishes. The birds remain separated due to Misfit's unpredictable occasionally aggressive attitude. And we offer them a larger bath area which they do use very sporadically and lightly. This video makes me laugh every time I watch it; Moonie is just so excited about his bath moment and he's so lost in the moment. It's only a minute long, check it out right here.

Next up is Pierre the Pigeon.  Trying to tell people how he is with us doesn't do the experience justice.  The photos sure help but actual video is even better.  First up is out in the yard while I am enjoying a sunny summer morning, this was taken about 7 weeks ago, check it out here.  And if you want more, here he is a week ago when I was on holidays and a typical morning of getting up to fill the feeders.  He sure surprised me with this one as it is the first time he ever did this and with no coaxing whatsoever.  See it here.

We joke about how as the weather gets colder, that last video will be more of an actual occurrence.  I still wonder where he came from, who influenced him, or is he smart enough to figure out that we aren't going to hurt him and he can get fed well through us?  He's still a very wild bird and not dependent on us by any means.  There are days that go by where we just don't cross paths.  But when the next time rolls around, look out.  I think this photo I managed to take of us is testimony to that...

We have a new visitor this summer, a young Groundhog, and we named her "Clover".  Not for everyone but we think she's a-okay.  I mean, she's done wonders for the back lawn, chewing down all the clover and some other plant life growing through the grass.  She's very shy though and I hid along the side of the house, video'ing this very short clip through the back gate.

And lastly, with all the bird feeders around, we have a number of Squirrels who join the daily adventures out back.  Some have taken to us much more than others (or the other way around) as you can see here.

Thanks for viewing.  And stay tuned for more another day!

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