Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

September 25, 2012

No Place Like Home

As some of us travel through the GTA and beyond in search of birds and wildlife; we really need to remember that there is no place like home. Especially to those of us fortunate enough to have some outdoor living space where we can hang bird feeders, and invite the creatures to us.

Many of these photos here were taken with my Blackberry, capturing some fond memories at home and have been some of my most popular pics on my Facebook wall of late.

Meadow, Pierre and one of the "Dirty Dozen"

The bond with Pierre grows every week.  And as the days go by between visits, when we meet again, you can really see his excitement and anticipation.

I am sure everyone viewing this is adding their own caption right now.  "How long did you say that leash of her's is?"

Never a dull moment with the Squirrels around.  And no nuts are safe.  LOL!  I was feeding some Jays off the clothes line and this one saw me tuck the spares in my pocket.

Super cute moment as I sat and had coffee out back the other afternoon and I swear this Squirrel was making an offering to Misfit.

A cold wet September morning brought one of the Chipmunks right to our door (something that never happened before...  they are so skittish with all the dangers in the area).

The early days with Pierre, who brought Angie, myself and our friends Dave and Andrea some good laughs at an afternoon BBQ.

Back in the late Spring, Meadow and momma Chickadee seem to be having a moment.

And who wouldn't take something from this capture of Clover the Groundhog in the garden?

A baby Raccoon was quite curious about our latest addition(s) to the yard with these granite Owls.

Meadow surely agrees, there is no place like home...


socurly said...

Amazing world you live in! I love your blog, thanks for taking the time to show us all.

Daniel LaFrance said...

We are indeed fortunate to share space with so many amazing creatures. Toronto is especially unique in having so many ravines that permit the movement of wildlife throughout the GTA.


p.s Have you considered replacing Word Verification with something user friendly like Comment Moderation?

Rob said...

Thanks Lily!

Hi Dan, nice to see you. I have considered it, and once tried to make the change, but couldn't figure it out for some reason (like me not being computer smart perhaps). I know Angie made such a change and must remember to ask her to show me.

Rob said...

I think I just figured it out. :)