Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

January 23, 2017

They're Back!

Finally! They're back! Snowy Owls are in our area once again.

It's a much slower year for this species of Owl. So few have been seen in Toronto this winter. And any that have been seen, aren't sticking around, or being reliably seen may be a better way of wording it.

After weeks and weeks of nothing, I was beginning to doubt my spotting skills. But then... just like that... I first spotted one on January 16th, then moments later, about a block away, I spotted a 2nd Owl. They were just there, beacons of white in the darkness.

I've had 8 encounters overall in a week with these 2 birds. Encounters meaning "sightings" of Snowy Owls and not counting individuals.

The night sights are great. It's just the Owl(s) and myself. I can sit in the truck and enjoy the view of them on a post, or them being active and hunting. I don't get out, I don't chase, no need to. And there's no other people around.

It's not favourable to photographers but someone who loves birds and nature, it's awesome. Traffic may be whizzing by but I'm in the moment with the bird(s).

Last winter I finished off the season with 59 encounters which began October 29th actually and ended in early April. I'm curious how often I will see them this time? Stay tuned.

First Owl. I saw it 3 nights in a row on that same lamp post in a parking lot.

Second Owl. Like I said, about a block away from the other. I've spotted it on the same post numerous times too.

It's fun trying to get a couple photos, and after I get home, I have to seriously manipulate them to bring out the Owl. Nothing worth printing but cool to share what is a rare sight this winter in our city.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I saw.

Have a great week!


Karen said...

Sightings are somewhat rare in the Ottawa Valley too. They all seem to be in a specific location. We were driving through said area last weekend when one of the beauties flew right in front of the car! Daring devil wasn't he?

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Owl is one bird which I haven't seen yet, you are lucky you have seen it. Good post, thank you for sharing it

Science Conference said...

This White owl looks beautiful. Though owls are considered as a sign of bad luck in some continents but still they are a beautiful creture of natre. Usually they look scary in night but you described their beauty in a different way. Great post