Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

April 23, 2016

Little Moments

In the last couple years I've taken on a new look at things in my daily life, or rather do my absolute best to anyway...  I embrace the good little moments each day.  Be it making every light on my way to work, a nice cup of coffee from Tim Horton's (because there is no consistency on getting a great coffee everyday despite ordering the same day in, day out).  Acknowledging these little things we most often probably don't in our busy routines sure can help when something stupid and negative happens.  Even the bigger worries can be forgotten for a moment because of the better smaller ones.

I could list a lot of things but since this is "Rob and the Animals" I need to keep it about animal topics.

For starts, I was pleasantly surprised to recently be spotlighted during National Volunteer Week with Toronto Wildlife.  A random pick and I was one of a few to be highlighted during this week of appreciation to the hundreds of volunteers with TWC.  Family and friends took this in with happiness as they all know I throw myself in anything and everything I can do for TWC and other organizations, or just what I do on my own for animals both domestic and wild.  Here is a link to this moment.

Another moment was finally seeing the information signs at Mountsberg Raptor Centre.  About a year ago, or what seems to be that long, I was asked about possibly contributing some of my wild Owl photos for this "project".  The signs are outside enclosures of the actual species (obviously) and along with a few photos, there is a lot of information about that species.  I knew this was going to become one day, just wasn't sure when, and as time passed it was more or less forgotten about.

So when Angie and I did a raptor encounter the other Saturday afternoon, it was great to discover the new signs and see a couple of my photos helping show the birds.

The left photo of the Saw-whet is not mine...

Of course, the raptor encounter is also one of those moments.  Big in some ways, being around these wonderful ambassadors of their species, but in the BIG picture of our lives, a little moment, an hour out of our day.  We always have a great time with the birds and some of the people at the centre we now call friends.

Any time Angie is smiling is a great moment.  Her smile lights up a room.

I may not be the big toothy smile, more like a s**t eating grin, but you can see the happiness in my eyes.  Spending a moment with Chomper, an Owl we've been familiar since first visiting Mountsberg about 10 years ago.  It was a true pleasure to have a little one on one with him, first time ever.

Quality time with Pierre.

Or a little Whisky Wednesday moment after work, a little 40 Creek with a little cat.

If I can offer some advice, this is it for today... embrace those little moments.

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