Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

January 17, 2016


So this is a pretty special weekend.  Angie and I met 12 years ago on this very weekend.  A simple coffee date that turned into a 9 hour romp of platonic and sometimes silly fun thanks to Eric Cartman.  Imagine if that date went horribly wrong?  Where would I be today?  Would there be a "Rob and the Animals" blog if we never met and clicked as we have?  Sure I've always been an animal guy and would do anything for any furry, feathered, creepy, slimy or scaly creature but...  I wonder about this just for a moment.  She got me my camera(s) and got me onto being a blogger.  Anyhoo, here we are, and this is how it is.  Most people enjoy riding along vicariously through my photos and words.  A few think I'm pretty whacked in the head for befriending vermin like Pigeons and the Raccoon.  Call me what you will, but this is me, and I'm not going to change.

Angie and I in those first months of dating back in 2004.

I am really touched by the kind comments posted in my last blog about Pierre's return.  And a lot of people celebrated his return to the yard with me through social media.  Thank you all!

I wondered if and when I'd meet my friend again as the rest of the work week had us not cross paths.

Well, just in time for his 42nd month anniversary, he showed up once again.  This time he brought his missus who was also MIA since December 19.  How awesome!  And better yet, Pierre was more like his old self as he threw some temper tantrums at the others trying to crash our little feeding party.  He was wing smacking, cooing his head off and paced about in circles showing his disapproval at their presence.  He did get a few smacks in return and knocked from my hands a couple times but he got right back in there.  Once again I was having to be a little stern with the other birds to protect my boy.  All is forgiven I recon.

Pierre and the missus with a photo bomb courtesy of Mickey.

As quoted by many of his fans... "Yay Pierre! Keep going!"

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