Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

February 20, 2015

National Love Your Pet Day!

Hi everyone! Sorry, been lacking in blogging. I can run off a bunch'a reasons but what's the point? All is well and I will be back into it again soon (have a couple nearly complete in the drafts).

So, for the moment, a quick note to say "I'm still here!" and with it being National Love Your Pet Day I thought this would be a great opp for a quick light blog.

Love your pets! Yes! They are family. They are our friends... best friends I may add. You will always know where you stand with your animals. Their love is genuine and the bonds are eternal.

We have a house full, some call it a zoo, but it's our home, and home is where the heart is. Plain and simple.

I can't see how we could make their lives anymore special today than what we do any other day. I guess this blog can work. I think about the pets here today and those who have left. Some gone for many years but warm memories remain of the unique bonds, the companionship.

Anyways, here's to our animal family, and yours! Enjoy the photos!

I'm drawn to these summer outdoor photos right now since it's -33c with the wind chill today.

That's one spoiled rotten princess!

Meadows loves her home, and thinks this weigela shrub is hers.

Good ol' grumpy Misfit.  So she would seem to many.  But she is a sweet little Budgie, who after so many months of living outside, just needed some love and more so understanding.  It took a long time for her to settle in after being so wild but we are very grateful it all worked out.  She's still with us almost 8 years later.

Oh Moonie!  I think this photo shows off his (actually a her) personality.  A very young Budgie I caught in our garden, still full of down feathers.  Moonie is the epitome of innocence.  Everything is bright and shiny and wonderful in his world.  It's a world full of food, toys and baths.  Not a stress bone in this bird's body.

They do like each other and have quality time but live separately.  It's very clear they like their own homes more than long visits.

Moonie crushing over Misfit and sometimes Misfit says "back off!"  They are such personable creatures.

Ralphie our dinosaur of a newt.  He's the surviving member of a bunch of amphibians I brought home 12 years after they were all abandoned.  He and his pals almost went down the toilet when left with someone who did not want them.

He loves hanging out with us in the kitchen, near the computer. 

Our newest family member, Norbert, a Leopard Gecko, who was also abandoned if you missed his blog not too long ago.

And back to Meadow before I sign off.  Us outside in August.  Ahhhhh.  I can feel the warmth.

A day I couldn't tell her enough how much I love her and I am there for her.  This was last summer with her 3 day stay in the vet clinic after her pancreatitis incident.

Christmas 2014.  She looks so grumpy but was purring away.  She loves almost anything we do together and gets right into it.  This is just months after almost losing her.  We were so happy to have her with us still and she's doing fantastic!

Lastly, I can't omit my other half, my lovely wife, the one seemingly behind the scenes with my blog, as she loves and cares for the whole crew just as much! A sweet Christmas moment between her and Meadow.

Love your pets, be thankful for them and what they give to you... love and sweet memories even if there are many broken sleep nights throughout, right Meadow?

Who me?

Thanks for stopping in. Have a great weekend!

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Linda said...

A beautiful and delightful series of photos. Thank you so much for sharing. :)