Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

August 15, 2014

Meadow Update

Hello! Sorry for my absence but with all that has happened with Meadow, I'm sure anyone popping in surely understands.

I miss blogging but a bigger part of me right now just doesn't have it in me for "writing" something out as much as there are stories to share. I guess it's exhaustion. I do find blogging a good way to vent at times, and I love telling stories... but right now, just haven't got it. Sorry.

But for a quick update, her condition has improved greatly. What has only been a couple weeks sure feels much longer. There were little signs of the Meadow we know and love coming back every day. Some days I really had to watch her to see them, but they were there.

She went for a check-up 2 weeks after this all happened, and we had some blood work done. The vet was thrilled to see how good she looked. And she gained a pound back (lost nearly 3 through this which is huge for a cat... which equals roughly 25% of her body weight). Not good at math? A 200 lb person losing 50 lbs in 3 weeks. Now that's crazy, eh?

They checked her pancreas numbers. A good number for a cat is 0 - 3.5 When Meadow was sick, her number was 25.3 approx. Her re-check, the number is 3.6! Woo hoo! I remember the vet said, even if her number was still 25, he wouldn't be concerned, as it can take a year for that number to come down. He just didn't want to see it rise. Way to go Meadow's insides on turning this around!

As of today, she's pretty much her old self again. I know she's a little shy or leery of my approaches to her after everything I've had to do to her for 2 weeks. But it was all for her own good. Once she realizes I'm not coming to mess with her, she calms down, and the purr motor starts up. She's not avoiding us like she did through this all.

It's been grueling to say the least, and I am completely burned out. Of course I am taking joy in her recovery but I think it's going to take a little while to come around to my old self as well. We had some other challenges through this ordeal which included her eating habits. What a mess! She got turned on to Fancy Feast through her sickness. I swear they put crack in that stuff because it seems to be the one food that can get any cat, as sick as they can be, to eat. Fancy Feast is junk! It has approx 2% protein content to a can. A healthy does is up around 5 times that amount. Her previous food was 7%. It doesn't sound like a big difference but it is and it will make a difference in your cat's health as they get older. You can get 2% protein in a serving of Lay's potato chips; does that paint a clearer picture?

But with lots of work and experimentation with other foods researched and recommended, we seem to have a new one which she is taking a liking to... Wellness "grain free" Core Salmon, Whitefish and Herring blend. Of course with good food, comes a heavier price tag; but she's worth it.

So, please bear with me here.  I will get back into things soon.  For now, I really want to enjoy some time with my kitty.



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