Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

June 25, 2014

Busy Days

We were without internet access for a few days due to some Bell glitch. It seems it's an issue all over, and the simple repair is replacing the power cord to the modem. I'm no tech guy, okay, whatever works. So with that, and just over a week at the Etobicoke Sunlife Peregrine Falcon Fledge Watch, just not been around, not had the time to blog or do much else on the computer.

I have lots to catch up on, but not today.

How about a couple short videos of some of the action around here. Would you be surprised if there was not a Pierre the Pigeon video in this? Well surprised you be! He's been quite vocal with me when we run into each other because I'm not here as much for his breakfast and attention. Poor guy, withering away to nothing I bet. LoL!

Okay, first video was shot last night after work. It was a hot stank day, humidex of 35c or so. I always tell people that animals love water, it's something that can be hard to come by, more so than food. And offering it outside is much appreciated. Almost every morning I wake up to empty baths, or really muddy ones. Here's what happens at this time of year, a couple of the Raccoon kids were enjoying it. See the video here.

Here's a shot of the lovely family from about a week ago.

How about a moment with a young Peregrine Falcon who has just discovered her wings? She's not very good with them yet, which is why we do the fledge watch, and help the young birds if they get into trouble. Watch Skyla the Falcon from our Etobicoke Sunlife nest site here. Skyla was about one story up from the ground, but some how found her way home, way up to the roof tops of the Sunlife tower, some 20+ stories high. She's a beautiful girl and we wish her all the best in the coming days, weeks, months, years... hoping she learns how to be a surviving bird of prey and may we learn of her nesting somewhere in North America in a couple years from now.

Thanks for stopping in. Stay tuned for some interesting stories that must be told, both happy and sad. I've gotten shit recently (again) by those who can't handle the darker side to reality, and the yucky stuff our animal friends may endure living in our city. I don't believe in hiding the ugly. Life is a mix of good and bad. For some, only choosing to live in the sunshine, ignoring the dark moments is sad. How can we change things if we ignore what is happening out there? How can we embrace the great moments without sinking into the shittier times once in a while. Sure I hate sad stuff too but it doesn't do any of us, human or animal, any good to hide from it.

Be back soon!

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