Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

January 12, 2014

Junior, where have you been?

We had a wonderful surprise this weekend as an old friend of ours came by for a visit.  We call him Junior, as in Smokey Jr, because we know without a doubt this little guy is from the bloodline of a friendly Squirrel we knew some years ago that we called Smokey.

I took this pic of him with my Blackberry on Sunday afternoon.

Junior was a popular and regular visitor back in the summer of 2012.  And somewhere by winter time he disappeared.  One never really knows what happens with our critters when they disappear...  move on to new territory or have they died?  It's a troubling question for me with the ones I've given names to and have some sort of unique "friendship" with out there. 

But on Friday, over a year later, this little gray Squirrel with half a tail and one bold yet very gentle personality showed up in the yard.  Almost immediately I knew it was him.  I kind of forgot about his tail defect but his attitude I did not.  We have at least a dozen Squirrels running around the yard some days, and with only 3 gray ones, it's easier to identify them, especially when one looks at you like a long lost good friend and charges right to you.

If only they could talk and tell us their stories because I'd sure like to know his.

Here's a Pierre video from November 2012 and Junior crashes in.  So funny!

Here's Junior's most likely Grandmother or great Grandmother "Smokey" from the summer of 2007.  The photos were taken with a disposable camera so pardon their lack of clarity and size.  I really like the first one with the bit of sunlight coming through over my shoulder but looks like it's from my fingertips.

Smokey was a wonderful addition to our life outside.  She'd spend hours with Angie and I all summer long.  And my father loved that Squirrel too.  How she'd raid his jacket pockets while he was elsewhere doing something and would happen to look over at her.

Hopefully I have more photos, videos and stories to share with you all about Junior over the next while.

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