Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

August 21, 2013

Macro Mania continues...

I apologize for my disappearance this summer, it's just been difficult to sit at the computer for very long and try to spew out a story when lately there just isn't one to be had (although I still have some Falcon stories to finish).

I'm hanging around the yard more than anywhere else these days and I don't mind. It's quiet for birds but there's a lot of other teeny creatures if one takes the time to look for them in the garden.

My love is for the Spiders and I was blessed with a slew of little Jumping Spiders a few weeks back including the Zebra Jumper and to my joy and surprise was one wee little Black Jumping Spider. Lately I'm finding Cross Orbweavers all over the back, weaving their webs everywhere possible (I found 7 yesterday).

Of course there are so many other cool things out there but it's just a matter of finding them and sometimes identifying them as well. Some we are able to but sometimes we must call in an expert... good thing we have a few friends to help us along the way.

So try to enjoy this photo blog, which is mostly of the Spiders, but stick around for the end, I think it's worth it.

A Zebra Jumping Spider enjoying his catch. I swear he paraded it around in front of me. This Spider is less than 3mm in size!

I've still yet to identify this one. I love the color of it!

Another species of Jumping Spider with the remains of it's meal.

Another Spider I'm unsure the species of. I like the 2 large black dots on his abdomen. I guess it's a defense, like making it appear as he's got eyes on that side of his body.

A Zebra Jumping Spider on the picnic table.

I love this shot of a Jumper sitting on a dime! It really puts into perspective how small these Spiders are that I'm taking photos of.

Okay, how about a break from the Spiders for a moment? Here's a little Bee covered in pollen.

And funny as I key this, here's a shiny Green Bee, actually an Agapostemon, and one got in my Croc, and stung me twice on the foot this afternoon. Little bugger! Ya, there's a story to this one dealing with my discovery of him and me hopping around inside the back door.

Gotta share this one, my greatest find this summer, a first for me at home... a Black Jumping Spider. He was a very tiny specimen compared to one I found at Rattray Marsh last summer; but this one was here so that gives me hope to see more (and bigger) another day. He's sitting on the rim of my lens hood here. Can you say "really small?"

I love the stance on Jumping Spiders. They seemingly carry a really big attitude.

Now for the recent finds of Cross Orbweavers about the backyard. These are much bigger than the little Jumpers I was finding. These are about dime size instead of a fraction of it.

Notice the cross on it's back?

I suppose most of you have had your fill of Spiders here, eh? You gotta admit that Mother Nature has an eye for detail even on the smallest of creatures. I will end this with a couple other macro shots. One is a new species to us at home. The other was something I decided to try with a mostly co-operative subject. I hope you like these!

Today, coming home from work, I took notice to this yellow Butterfly on the bush out front. Upon further inspection I ID'd it as a Little Yellow Butterfly. Ang got home, checked the book and said "maybe, but perhaps it's this or this?" One of her other possibilities was the correct ID and I said "yes, perhaps". Since we weren't 100% positive, she contacted our friend Walter, who is quite the expert on these winged beauties and confirmed this as being an Orange Sulphur Butterfly.

And lastly, I was hand feeding Pierre the other afternoon and I had the macro hanging off my shoulder. I decided to try and take his picture with it, seeing what kind of detail I could capture. I was blown away by this image and it impressed a lot of my friends. The best part was this was free style, as in no tripod or anything, just pointed it at him and shot. Of course Pierre sat in front of me but he kept moving his head in curiosity; I believe he was checking out his reflection in the lens. Anyways, ya, love this shot, and hope you do too. Maybe it will help you forget about the numerous 8-legged monsters you just viewed?

As summer winds down, I do hope to get back in here a little more often. I figure my shift changes will cease as well, allowing me to get into some kind of routine again. Thanks for bearing with me and my lack of entries.

See yas again soon!

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