Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

February 13, 2013

Who Misses Their Daddy?

This past weekend, Angie and I went up to Algonquin for an overnight with our friends Jim and Lynda.  Seems to be turning into a bit of a tradition to go up there and enjoy the winter wonderland at some point in early February.  We never have any real intentions on what we want to see, just go and enjoy the brief getaway from the city.

I'm not much of a traveler really.  Home is where the heart is!  And my heart is here with the zoo.  I miss our critters, both inside and outside the house.  And one, more than the rest, or at least shows it as so, who misses her daddy most is Meadow.  Most know the story and bond we have.  Of course Angie and Meadow have their own unique bond, that has been years in the making; but I leave such tales for her to tell over at her blog.  I recommend you all checking it out occasionally, she blogs more than I do, and will tell more about our Algonquin trip very soon.

Friday was the big snow storm.  I made it into work but managed to get out of there by 10:30pm and it was still a trek to get home as the roads were still messy.  And then another shoveling once I arrived.  So by the time I turned in for the night, it was probably 12:30am and we were destined to leave in the morning by 6am.  How rough am I gonna feel in morn I wondered?  Especially since I just threw back something 40% alcohol to help me unwind.

Angie got up about 4:45am and I followed about 5 minutes later feeling pretty good.  Camera stuff was already packed, now it was time for the overnight bag.  I don't know if it's the energy that Meadow picks up on, or the fact her mommy and daddy were quite busy at such an early hour; but she was right there with us as we had our coffee.  I took mine to the bedroom and pulled out the "dreaded" overnight bag.  Why dreaded?  Well, Meadow sure thinks so...

If that isn't a look of unhappiness, I don't know what is.  And she stayed with that bag on the bed while I got ready.  Note, the mess of the bed with those boards is the set-up we have for Misfit and Moonie (our Budgies) who spend the night in the bedroom, door shut and go by the natural light coming in from the window.

While I packed, she grabbed at whatever I was putting into it.  She'd try to play with me.  Or just rub and sniff on this bag.

It continued as we neared 6am departure and the bag was out in the living room now.

I think she was trying to open the zipper to crawl inside.

Angie knows how to soothe Meadow.  Nothing like some yummy soft food before we leave.  A belly full of what she likes and all is well in her world as we lock the house up and leave with our friends.

The roads were pretty good when we left.  Yay to the people who worked all night plowing the roads!  And we had a great time in Algonquin and the weekend just flew by.

Sunday night came, we had been home for a few hours now.  Meadow took to my wool socks I had used through our journey (I should post a video of those moments).  But now it was time to relax and for us to catch up...

Maybe not the most exciting blog to some out there but anyone with animals that they call family surely can relate.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Photos all taken with my Blackberry Bold.

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Teena said...

When I'm going anywhere, Morgan lays on my suitcase ... kinda hard to pack when there's a tubby tabby in the way :)