Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

November 1, 2012

Meanwhile in the Other Cage... it's a Boy... Again

So, during the last few weeks while aiding Misfit (see here)...  it seems things were going on in Moonie's cage too!  His cere has started turning blue...  again.

As most are aware, we caught him in the backyard just like Misfit.  We knew he was really young but never knew his sex.  Deciding to clip his wings during the first while, helping him to not hurt himself, as he and we adjust to the new living arrangements; the pet place insisted Moonie was a girl.  I have to admit I was a little disappointed.  Lotsa females in this household is the joke but knowing how much easier going male Budgies are, the fact they can be trained, were my reasons.

January of this year, his cere turned slightly blue.  And I announced to the world "It's a boy!"  March comes around, I take him for another wing clipping, and they still said "no, it's a girl".  Moonie's cere had turned brown again by this time.

My mom simply put it this way, "it's still the same bird whether it's a boy or a girl".  That made sense.  And Angie followed it with "Moonie is a boy until the day he lays an egg".  These helped me put it all back into place once again, yes, Moonie is a boy.

His attitude is so different than Misfit's.  He's a far gentler bird.  It's also easy to see he is a far simpler bird too.  Can we blame it on his youth?  Maybe the fact that he didn't live outside for four months and is not as worldly experienced as Misfit?  He did not have to fight Blue Jays many times a week because he did not fit in.  He did not face some severe thunderstorms.  He did not have to sleep in a tree.  But overall, just something about him and his personality still lead me to truly believe he's a boy.

And now, in the past week, his cere is turning more blue now than it was showing back in January.

Ah, nothing like a little more mystery added to this little bird besides the obvious "I wonder where you came from? What's your story?"

I think I even pin-pointed Moonie's exact time of this transformation, capturing that moment with the camera...

Haha! Sure looks like that could be when, eh?

Whatever the case, he's our little boy, and we love him and his goofy antics. The world is shiny and bright to Moonie. And sometimes it's healthy for the soul to sit back and watch him with that happy outlook he seems to have.

Moonie still adores Misfit more than life itself.

Misfit still isn't moved by his admiration for her.

I think this captures the personality of him.

Thanks for giving this blog a browse.

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