Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

July 25, 2012

Where'd He Come From?

Over the weekend Angie and I took notice to one particular Pigeon out back who stood out amongst the group of nearly ten.  His personality was quite different, like how he walked among the group and not soon after, we found out how different he really is...

A morning coffee on the deck and I had company.

Of course it's not just me he's hanging onto, anybody who happens to be out in our yard.  Angie had some personal moments with him.  And so did some visiting friends on Saturday afternoon.  Be it on the knee, the tip of your toes, forearm, arm of the chair, whatever he decided, he did.  But this is all on his terms, he's still got some wild in him that you can't pick him up (which is a good thing).  I worry about wild creatures like this, getting too adapted to the world of people.  Sure he's safe with us, but who knows if he tried sitting on the lap of someone a few yards over who is not so caring about wildlife, especially Pigeons.  I know 10x as many people who have no love for these birds compared to those that go from toleration to admiration of this well adapted city bird.

Monday afternoon he chased me from one end of the yard to the other, and this is a near 100 ft.  He didn't fly the whole time, just ran as fast as his little legs could go (a Pigeon running through the grass is rather comical).  He is well and able to fly, and does so when he leaves us to join his friends at the back, or when the sun sets, and they all return to their roost for the night.

Today, Wednesday, I get up around 9am and he's sitting out in the middle of the yard just staring up at the back of the house, like he's waiting for someone to join him.

Thoughts go about trying to deter him but I don't think they will work.  He's quite set in his attitude.  And perhaps he's a little smarter than most would give him credit for, knowing we would never hurt him.

I figure we'll just enjoy his company while he is with us, try to look out for him the best we can when we are home, and hope he lives a happy long life. 

A funny photo op on Saturday afternoon.  Hey, might as well have some laughs and make things memorable.

And today I shot video this while sitting out back enjoying the cool morning.

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Socurly said...

Ahhh so sweet. He loves you Rob. I miss my pet pigeon so much. He's kissing your fingers and letting you know you are loved. You know I love them. Sometimes we miss our pigeon so much we get teary eyed. I miss smooching his feathery face.