Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

June 13, 2012

Euro had a big day out!

I've been trying to visit and contribute some time at the Peregrine Falcon fledge watch at the Sunlife financial building at Islington and Bloor almost daily since the watch started last Wednesday. Be it an hour or two before work or an 8 hour day as I did on Monday with my day off.

Euro, the only male in the group of four "newbies" took flight first. I missed his first flight(s) but was fortunate to witness some bigger exploring by this very young Falcon.

With the nest being 18 stories up (give or take); it's rather difficult at times to know who is who up there when one of them is on the move. A scope is a necessity. Or take lots of photos and blow them up on the computer when you get home as I do.

We knew one of the chicks left the nest ledge and ended up on the condo building to the east of Sunlife.  We noticed him on the railing of the condo through a reflection on the Sunlife building.  He spent some time on that rail, sitting, walking a bit, stretching his wings and repeat the same process.  At this point, we were speculating it was Euro despite knowing Windward and Regatta (two of the three females) had since also taken some flights as well in the last day.

It was a long wait, probably an hour, from when we first noticed him on that rail before he decided to make a move.  And up he came from the railing as you can see below...
and began to take flight south, out towards us on Bloor Street.
Once out in the open, who knew where he was going to go next?  South, across Bloor, over us and to?  But he turned and began heading west...
lifting himself as seen here below, passing the nest ledge and his siblings.
He got right up over Sunlife and headed towards the next building west, and slightly north.
I was half a block up Bloor Street now, heading towards Islington, trying to keep an eye on him.  I nearly "sacked" myself on a bicycle post because my main focus was on him and not exactly what was in front of me.  Most people down in the area know about the Falcons and the volunteers who keep watch over the young for about two weeks each June; but for those who don't, seeing people moving up and down the street with binoculars and cameras, constantly looking up at these big glass buildings, may have other speculations.  Some do ask us, some just look at us rather oddly.  Anyways...

Euro sat atop this building for a short bit.  He seemed rather proud of himself and what he accomplished.  Stretched his wings a few times, some good hard flaps and then a rest.  Moments later I could see him triangulating as he began to think about where he was going next.
And then he took flight once again.  Almost like a jump up and off the ledge...
a very slight dip down, then taking air and rising high as he began flying east again...  oh, and with this shot below, upon viewing it at home is when I got my positive ID on who this young Falcon is.  Notice the green band on one of his legs?  They chicks get a color coded band for easier ID purposes during the watch.  The band does wear off and eventually fall off over time.
back towards his home building at Sunlife...
and then he flew in and onto the ledge above this window, right below the ADP sign where the adults often enjoy hanging out.
This may not seem like a lot to some, and maybe it doesn't seem like much to Euro either; but it sure did to me.  He has only begun his lessons in flying over the last 48 hours and being hundreds of feet in the air, circling these large buildings, flying over the traffic of Bloor Street way down below.  I would have to say this was a very big day out for him.

A reminder, if you click on each photo individually, you should get a full screen photo, which is far better than the smaller versions you are probably viewing.

Thanks for looking! 

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