Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

July 20, 2011

Said "Goodbye" to family member and "Hello" to 2 new adoptees

Sometime in the wee morning hours of Saturday July 16th my little Fire-belly Toad named "Kermy" passed away. He was up in around the age of 13. I can't say for exact but this is pretty close seeing as I rescued him and 5 of his friends from a royal flush 8 years ago and I knew him for a number of years before this. How someone could just walk away from all their animals in hopes of a cooler, more hip lifestyle is beyond me. The person they were left in the care of had enough of them after about a month and called me up to take them or down the toilet they were all going. So, 8 years later Kermy has joined the others down at the back of the yard. He joins Robin and Fatso, both Fire-bellies as well, along with Bitch and Alice who were newts. Ralphie, a newt, is the only surviving member of the "Original Six".

While Kermy had no real emotional attachment with me, I liked the little guy and will miss his antics. From the barking all hours of the night to even feeding him as it becomes a part of your life every two days to do so.

Unfortunately at this moment I can't find a photo of Kermy in my files but I know I have a few. I want to add that my mother, with a little help from my father made this memorial garden stone for us which I love... one for the meaning of it and secondly because of the thought put into it. My parents are animal lovers but probably not to the degree that I am... I just don't see them finding the thrill of having some Toads and Newts living in the kitchen as I do.

The tank became quiet after his passing. It's just Muddy, who is also a Fire-belly; and Ralphie the Newt. Muddy doesn't talk to Ralphie, and well, Ralphie just can't talk.

So on Monday I went and added a couple new members to the tank, both being Toads. Why not another newt? As much as I like newts, the feeding of blood worms is a messier job. If I had to rescue one, there'd be no question though.

First off is "Ash". He is a Fire-belly Toad. A little guy being about half the size of Muddy. Ash spent the first day in his new home exploring everything within the tank. A few hours before lights out for them, I found him already sleeping on one of the rocks. It's not often that I see any of these guys sleeping. My worst fears surface when I do because it's such a rare sighting. I've come to discover he's got a bigger appetite than all the others.

This photo below explains the name "Fire-belly" for sure. And part of the reason I went with Ash, also the main character in the Evil Dead Trilogy that I enjoy so much. I almost went with the name "Cynder" and most of my Facebook friends were voting on this name... but Ash was my initial choice and it stuck with me. Researching a bit on these Fire-bellies and some claim to feed your crickets more carrots and it in turn will enrich the colors on the Toad's underside. I have heard such things with birds and certain berries they eat. But that will make me wonder why my Baltimore Orioles haven't turned purple yet since they love grape jelly more than the naval oranges?

Second up is the next new member, who is a European Yellow-bellied Toad. Angie has claimed this guy to be her's and also named him "Wan-Wan". I think it's a Harry Potter reference but she can correct me if I am wrong.

I don't know much about this kind of Toad but recon he's not a whole lot different than the Fire-bellies in way of care. He seems like a cool little Toad, pretty easy going and with a good appetite.

I hope both these guys are with us for many years to come.

Here's Wan-Wan although I will be calling his just Wan for short.

Yes, that sure is a yellow belly alright.

As you can see, Muddy isn't minding his new friends, as Ash hangs with him.

And of course I cannot go without showing you Ralphie. Did you know I named him and his side-kick of the same species Alice (RIP) as a tribute to my love for The Honeymooners. Ralphie rolls out better for him than just Ralph though.


Teena in Toronto said...

Sorry about Kermy!

The new guys are so cute! I needed shades to look that yellow belly :)

Angie in TO said...

I've never had pets of this sort until Rob, and though he is the main care giver I do enjoy their presence in our home. It's no wonder they live such long, long lives for their species here, he takes amazing care of them.