Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

August 31, 2010

An Un-Healthy Jigger Returns...

So, literally minutes after I posted my blog below... I step outside with Meadow to give her that afternoon walkabout of the yard; when who do I see way at the back? Jigger! This was totally unexpected but such a great surprise. I called for him, and while I don't think he really knows his name, he does know my (and Angie's) voices. He looked up and began to come towards me but I could tell something was not right with him. It seems one of his hind legs is injured, but to what degree I don't know. I handed him a peanut and he devoured it quick. He had trouble staying up on his back leg while he ate. One Pigeon sensing his weakness was waiting for a chance to knock the shelled peanuts from his clutches... of course that wasn't going to happen with us around. Another 7 roasted peanuts later and he was on his way. His walk away was difficult too and every 4 or 5 feet found him stretching out in the grass for a moment of rest.

Angie was with us. We had discussed catching him and taking him to the Toronto Wildlife Centre but it was close to 5pm at this point. The Wildlife Centre closes at 6pm which probably was ample travel time; but they ask that you speak with someone live first at the centre, so they know you are coming. The few times I have called, the machine picks up, I leave a message and within 30 minutes someone calls me back. I should mention, that by this time though, Jigger had climbed way up a tall tree to safety. He disappeared up in the leaves.

So, tomorrow is the mission to find Jigger again (hoping he's down at the back), catching him and taking him to the centre. If they can fix him up, he could come back home in due time. If there is that chance he is not able to be brought back to health, I understand he will be kindly put down. It would be a better death than at the claws of a certain feline in the area or some predator. I will post updates as they occur.

I will write about the Toronto Wildlife Centre one day soon. They took Bob the Pigeon in and promised to do the best they could for him. I never learned of his outcome. We did get a tour of the facility and learned quite a few things in our short visit. We left a small donation after taking Bob in. The Centre works via volunteers and donations.

So, if you have not read about Jigger and his disappearance, please go on to the next blog below and send him your best wishes on his return to good health soon.

Here's another nice pic of him with Angie...


Teena in Toronto said...

I hope Jigger is okay. Hopefully he'll come back so you guys can get him cared for.

socurly said...

I hope he will be ok. We have many squirrels in our yard too. If I was ever going to move I would miss them so much...especially the group of little red squirrels. We name our animals too and when they don't show up we worry about them too. We started out feeding the birds. Soon the the squirrels invaded their feeder. Add to that a cotton-tail rabbit,and now a kitty. This kitty has not been seen for a few days and I can relate to your worries(we even bought cat treats). Too bad we are not neighbours!
They are all part of our backyard fun. Please tell us more about the wildlife centre.