Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

April 1, 2010

Maude "may she rest in peace".

On March 30, 2010... I said "Goodbye to Maude". Some of you may know of her, some of you may have met her and for those of you who do not... Maude was my tarantula.

So, I lost my pet spider; what's the big deal? Maude was turning 23 years old this year. Maude spent 21 of those years with me. She's been around me at home for a very long time. It seems almost as though she has always been there with me. She's been a fascination to me and those who gazed upon her. She taught me so much about having a tarantula in my life. The knowledge I have gained from her I gladly pass on to others who bring a tarantula into their lives.

If you click on the links below, you can check out my blog about Maude from last year and the second link is the short video I made of her and Meadow during her moult (skin shedding).

Maude's Story

Maude and Meadow video blog

Some may not be able to get what I have to say here but I will miss Maude. We've got over two decades of history! I'll never forget her great escapes back in the early days... hence the 1/4" inch plexi-glass tank cover she ended up with. I tell ya there's nothing like waking in the morning and discovering your tarantula has once again lifted the tank cover and gone on a walk about. She stayed at my bedside for a long time, it's no wonder she never crawled out on my side and ended up in bed with me. Maude was good at weeding out the girls through the dating scene... if a girl was too freaked about me having a tarantula, then that pretty much ended everything fast. Maude was a source of entertainment for the cats over the years. The latest being Meadow, who would watch her and her prey (crickets) in such amazement.

This photo was taken in Maude's final hours. Meadow looks on in concern. I moved Maude's coconut shell house over top of her to give her some peace and comfort of the darkness... the opening of the shell is facing Meadow.

Will I ever get another tarantula? I'm doubtful but you never know. It's hard to think me being 40 now and if I lucked out and got one who lived another couple decades... zoiks, I'd be retired or nearing that stage in my life! Well, providing I live another couple decades myself.

I found that first picture on Google. I think it's suiting for what happened this week. I'll see you on the other side Maude, the day that I go into the light... God speed little one!


Teena in Toronto said...

I'm sorry about Maude ... she had a good life with you.

socurly said...

Sorry to hear she's gone. She had a good life I am sure. You did rescue her right? It's all good Karma.

T said...

Aw Rob, I haven't blogged in a month, and here I log on to find this very sad news:(

I am so very very sorry. I know by reading your blog from the beginning how much you loved her. I never thought I would cry over a spider, but gosh darn it, how could I not, with the beautiful story, info and bond that you have shared with this magnificent tarantula!

RIP Maude, and hugs to you Rob.