Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

March 1, 2010

E76 Gets Around...

So, some of you might remember a blog from a couple weeks back regarding Port Credit and our Valentine tradition. In it, a photo, exactly as above was posted and a friend contacted me regarding the tagged Trumpeter Swan and how I should report it's sighting.

Well, I did just that about 2 weeks ago. I got a phone call last night from someone who received my report and was quite happy to hear from me. I did not speak with the man but do plan on calling him back this evening to confirm some of the information. In his voice mail, he did leave me reports from others on this exact Swan (E76). They are as follows...

- E76... is a male Trumpeter Swan
- On February 7, 2009, he was caught and tagged in Lasalle Park in Burlington, Ont.
- On August 23, 2009, he was sighted/reported at Macy's Bay which is 4km south of Honey Harbour up in the Midland, Ont. area.
- On February 13, 2010, I reported E76 in the mouth of the Credit River between Saddington Park and Snug Harbour in Port Credit.

So, from one sighting to the next is in the range of a 200 km distance; and from that sighting to my sighting is another 171 km. As I said, "E76 sure gets around".

I've never really given much notice to tagged wildlife before. After this experience, I certainly will. I don't exactly know where to report things but with the help of some friends and google, I will succeed. I ask that perhaps anyone reading this out there might consider it as well... and feel free to ask me for any help.

Lastly, this goes for the chance anyone comes across a deceased one as well. Those reports are just as important.