Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

August 24, 2009

First signs of Autumn and it's August!

Have you noticed anything different up in the sky within the last few days? Do you ever look up to the sky? Some do, some don't. If you do, you may notice a sight such as the photo below. "A bunch of birds flying around. What's the big deal?" you might ask. Well, it's really not a big deal unless you absolutely dread the end of summer. It's the first signs of Autumn coming and Fall Migration beginning.

Today at work, on my lunch break, I look out to the front grounds and noticed a sight similar to the photo below... a flock of Brown Headed Cowbirds. This is the first flock I have seen since their return back in the Spring. I said to my co-workers, "Oh, it's all over now." A few heads pop up, curious to what I am talking about. Some inquire and listen on as I explain my comment. There weren't many happy faces in the lot as we didn't have much of a summer this year. What can we do? Nothing! Go through the seasons, make the best of the them, and hope for a better summer next year.

I borrowed these pics via Google images but hope to have some of my own to share as my backyard can turn into quite a hot spot for a feeding stop over through the month of September. The sounds can be deafening with some flocks. I gladly throw handfuls of shelled peanuts and seeds to my feathered friends, assisting them on the long journey ahead. Maybe you do the same?


socurly said...

Today I noticed a flock of new birds at my feeders. Do you know of a good website to help identify those migratory birds. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to almost touch all the animals in our backyards. I really do appreciate them so much, especially those silly squirrels. Today we watched a squirrel wrestle a piece of driftwood. He'd leap and jump on it and bite it! So silly and funny!!!

Rob said...

Well, you can try or describe them here even... myself or someone else might be of some help.

Teena in Toronto said...

Alas, I've been seeing a lot of birds lately and I know what it means.

socurly said...

Hey Rob, I think they are juvenile cowbirds. They do not have the brown and blue colour...its more like a sparrows feathers and some are patchy and black on the sides. Thanks for the website.

Jo-Anne said...

socurly ... check out Toronto and Southern Ontario Birding Forum. :)

Another good one is


Jo-Anne said...

(add-on to earlier comment) Sorry for this late posting, have been out of town quite a bit this Summer/Fall.