Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

Meadow Mueller 07/2003 - 04/2015

May 19, 2009

Ciao For Now

It's late May now, the weather is finally getting nicer and staying nice too. I plan to spend a lot more time out in the yard over the next few months, as I normally do every year, minus the high humid or stormy days (who doesn't?).

I don't plan on blogging/writing a whole lot but will probably share photos every week or so from somewhere in my travels. Unless, of course, something big happens and I will make the time. You may have noticed that with my last few blogs, more pics, less chit chat from me.

Anyways, I wish everybody a very happy, healthy, fun summer...

This was the highlight of my one outing this past long weekend... seeing this pair of Wood Ducks down at High Park. I never gave Ducks much thought over the years. I mean, nothing against them, just since they don't hang in my yard and visit my feeders, they kinda get pushed to the back of my mind. I normally see lots and lots of Mallard Ducks in my travels. So, when Angie and I discovered Wood Ducks in the area... we were in awe. The male looks like he was painted by Picaso! The colors, the lines, those red eyes! The female, not quite as spectacular looking, but still one fine looking Duck as well.

Our first time trying to see them was at a Bed and Breakfast who boasted having a pair in the pond on the property. We never saw them. The mosquitoes sure didn't help us look too hard either. About 5 months later we stumbled across a pair accidentally in our travels which made the day out all the better. This is the second time I have ever seen a pair of Wood Ducks. If you ever happen to spot a pair, please take a moment to view/enjoy them as they swim about.

Oh, and please do not feed them bread... do not feed any water fowl bread, or any bird for that matter. I plan to write about that in the future, how bad it really is for them. I see people with bags of Wonder bread in the parks and I just want to run over and kick them.

See Yas all another time... cheers! \"/


Angie in TO said...

The wood ducks are truly awesome! With all the excitement in the yard (nesting chickadees) and a few big birding trips planned I'm sure you'll be blogging about a few things over the summer. :)

T said...

Enjoy your summer Rob! Don't stay a stranger too long, I learn a lot from you, and look what you just did! You are going to leave me hanging about not feeding ducks bread? I don't, but I didn't know it was bad, now I have to google that too!!

Rob said...

I will be in and out T... just more of photos and occasionally a bigger write up when something comes up. We have a pair of Chickadees nesting in one of the bird houses so I am hoping to have a great happy story in the coming weeks with pics of the babies.

As for the ducks and bread. Okay, it's not deadly, but I would rather make it sound worse. Basically it's like popcorn to a Human. It's junk and nothing more. It fills them up with lots of nothingness. Then they aren't hungry to actually go and eat what is good for them. I thought I read once before about some more severe bloating effects but my Google search came up with nothing.

There is also trying to keep the Ducks wild and not so people friendly. I am for all creatures living in peace and harmony but sadly far too many people aren't the animal lovers like us. So it's best to have the wild ones remain wild. I know I am guilty of how well the Squirrels are treated over here but they seem to be mainly accustomed to Ang and myself or anybody on this property. I've observed them with neighbors and they figure out pretty quickly that those people aren't like us.

I am home-ward bound this week due to an illness and have a blog running through my head. So I might start at it today and more to follow, just not as often for these sunny months of gardening ahead.

Teena in Toronto said...

Enjoy your summer! I'll miss you (but I bet you'll miss me more!).

T said...

Thanks for the explanation Rob! Now that you mention it, the bloating and fullness actually sounds kind of familiar, I will have to research that more now.

I understand leaving the wild animals alone. We struggle with this with the feral cats. The ones on my property are use to me, but being feral and afraid of humans is what keeps them safe. If I can't work with them enough to be tamed and rehomed, then I would much rather them be fearful of all other humans so they can remain as safe as possible.


socurly said...

No one should eat Wonderbread! I am guilty of putting out bread for birds too but its usually homemade bread. I bake alot of grain and seed breads and the birds and squirrels really love it. I was thinking it was ok because its not that pastey white stuff. I use organic ingredients, and no chemicals. Chances are it has a peanut butter on it. Please don't kick me!!

Rob said...

No worries socurly... I am sure your bread is much better and the peanut butter makes it better. We have been known to do the same in the past. The Squirrels look pretty cute holding little bread squares with PB in between.

Those families at the park with their bags of white bread feeding the geese and ducks drive me crazy! Some even toss them really moldy stuff too. Yeah, there's a loving offering to our animal friends, eh.